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Frequently Asked Questions About Accudraft Paint Booths

Ready to learn more about our products and services at Accudraft?

We’ve curated a list of common FAQs about Paint Booths to help get you started.

Keep in mind that we offer a lot of different designs and systems that carry a lot of options, so it is always best to contact us directly with any specific product questions. Nevertheless, we believe you will find this FAQ page to answer most of the questions you may have. If you have more questions though or you need a more detailed answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Paint Booths


How much does a paint booth cost?

  • Biggest question ever and…. Guess what? IT DEPENDS! [Learn More]

What is a paint booth?

  • A paint booth is a safe and code compliant place designed for spray application of flammable, combustible, or otherwise harmful materials. [Learn More]

What is a downdraft paint booth?

  • A downdraft paint booth is an enclosure that delivers clean air from the ceiling of the space and exhausts from the floor. [Learn More]

Where can I buy a paint booth?

  • There are tons of online retailers, there are used booths on sites like craigslist, there are catalogue booths that get drop shipped to your door. [Learn More]

Does my paint booth need fire suppression?

How does a paint booth work?

  • A paint booth delivers air in one area of the space and exhausts it from another area of the space. [Learn More]

How many cfm for a paint booth?

  • A paint booth should move enough CFM to both produce good paint jobs and meet OSHA requirements of 80-100 feet per minute. [Learn More]

Do I need a permit to install a paint booth?

Do I need a permit to replace an existing paint booth?

Can I add heat to my paint booth?

  • Yes. Almost any paint booth can have heat added to it. [Learn More]

What is the best paint booth?

  • The best paint booth is….. IT DEPENDS. [Learn More]

Do I need a permit to add heat to a paint booth?

When is a paint booth required?

  • Here’s the general breakdown and it includes a middle system called a limited finishing station. [Learn More]

Can I paint in a prep station?

What’s the difference between a single skin and dual skin paint booth?

  • Single skin or single wall paint booths are generally made of walls and panels that are one singular sheet of steel. [Learn More]

How much electric service do I need for my paint booth?

How much gas do I need for a paint booth?

  • Just like the electric, IT DEPENDS. [Learn More]

How many cars can I paint a day in a heated paint booth?

  • This depends on your paint booth’s heating power. [Learn More]

Does a heated paint booth come with heat recycle or heat recirculation?

  • Not necessarily. Some of the better brands out there tend to include heat recycle or recirculation in their standard offerings. [Learn More]

Do I need to provide ductwork for my paint booth?

  • Long story short, yes you need to provide ductwork for your paint booth. [Learn More]

Should I pay for a turnkey paint booth installation?

  • It’s always a good thing to get a turn-key paint booth installation estimate. [Learn More]

How much energy does a paint booth use?

  • The more performance you have in a paint booth, the more energy it will use to get the job done. [Learn More]

Can I use propane to run a paint booth?

Can I use heating oil or diesel to run a paint booth?

How long to install a paint booth?

When should I change paint booth filters?

Do I need a paint mixing room?

  • If painting in your facility or shop is a regular occurrence or standard production, yes you should have a paint mix room at the very least. [Learn More]


If a question of yours wasn’t answered here, then please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide information on whatever you need.