Industrial finishing equipment inside a facility

Industrial Paint Booths

With thousands of applications out there from woodworking to dust and fume containment, Industrial paint booths are design-build systems engineered for your specific application.

Exhaust wall for industrial finishing system

Exhaust Walls

The PRO Series exhaust walls can be customized to any length and height to create a filtered wall for prepping and sanding in front of. Large surface area filters and heavy duty fans provide even suction to prevent over spray and debris from leaving the work area.

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Open face industrial equipment

Open Face

Prep parts, sand, and light spray all in one space with this partially enclosed work area. Walls and ceiling provide a clean area, while lighting enhances visibility and reduces shadows.

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Curtained paint booth for industrial finishing

Curtained Work Areas

Dedicate an area in your shop free of contaminants and debris by setting up a curtained work space. Flame retardant curtains provide a safe working environment, or install welding view curtains to block out unwanted light.

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Enclosed paint booth for industrial finishing

Enclosed Booths

These completely enclosed cabins are perfect for spraying and painting industrial parts. Dedicated product entry doors and personnel doors allow easy access into the space. Add heat and configure airflow depending on what you need.

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Pro TX sidedown draft booth

Crane & Conveyor

Painting heavy industrial parts shouldn’t be a hassle. Let Accudraft help you develop a solution for your existing shop or established product assembly line. These booths are designed specifically for projects that require lifting via a hoisted system.

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Powder application equipment

Powder Application

Safely apply powder to parts and accessories with this powder application booth. Cartridge style filters capture over spray while even suction ensures consistent powder adhering. Consider pairing a booth with a curing oven for an all-in-one powder coating system.

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Curing booth for industrial paint finishing

Curing Oven

The Accudraft industrial curing oven provides a clean environment for baking and curing parts after the paint application process. High temperature rated fans provide slow and consistent hot air to the cabin, while insulated wall panels ensure the heated air is contained and safe to the touch outside.

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Accudraft’s MX series paint booths provide the most options and flexibility when deciding what fits your shop best. The MX series pain booth systems are available in semi downdraft, side drat, and downdraft configurations. Single wall or dual skin construction and a multitude of air handler configuratinos allow you to build a paint booth that has exactly what you need in the shape and size that works best for you


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Accudraft’s open face spray booths allow for the rapid removal and containment of airborne contaminants for a wide range of applications. Contaminants are immediately drawn to the back of the unit and are exhausted to the outdoors. Paint, sand, weld, or perform any operation that calls for exhaust in the workspace and provide a comfortable and safe environment to work in. Curtains are also available and lengths/widths are available in almost any combination. Available in both galvanized and white finish (pictured)

Product Photo (above): 10′ x 10′ Open Face Spray Booth in White Finish

Accudraft was founded in 1977 and has since been one of the top manufacturers of automotive, truck, industrial and large equipment paint booths, prep stations and accessories to supplement the refinishing process. Over the course of 35 years, the company has greatly grown and developed and now offers a wide range of products to fit the needs of various clients in different industries. Accudraft designs and builds outstanding finishing systems for the automotive and truck finishing industry, train and rail car finishing industry, aircraft finishing industry, marine vessel finishing industry and many others who require a professional workspace where they can create flawless spray jobs.

Industrial manufacturers require custom industrial paint booths that specifically meet their product sizes and challenges. Whether you work in an assembly line environment or a low-production batch system, Accudraft has the perfect industrial paint booth to make your job easier.

Custom Products

The challenge with industrial paint booths is that every industry creates products with various specifications, characteristics and sizes. The good news is that Accudraft can create industrial paint booths in various sizes to accommodate to large equipment and large products. All Accudraft products are designed and constructed with outstanding high quality materials and they are also equipped with top-notch technology to make the job efficient, effective and clean. The manufacturer offers one of the most customizable paint booths in the industry. No matter what kind of booth you are looking for, chances are that the diverse Accudraft product line will have something that perfectly fits your needs.

What if the featured products don’t meet your needs? The experts at Accudraft can help you no matter how specific your request is. The company is committed to meeting the requirements of every customer even if it means customizing a specific unit to meet exact product specifications. The Accudraft designers can easily build a custom system to perfectly accommodate to your business and your product. Whether you need a customized size or a paint booth with various upgrades and extras, the experts at Accudraft would be more than happy to help you find the perfect solution and the perfect custom paint booth.

Aircraft & Large Equipment Paint Booths

While truck paint booths and other industrial paint booths are easily customizable, an even more challenging project is accommodating to the aerospace finishing industry. Accudraft’s aerospace paint booths are ideal for aircraft and part manufacturers. Each booth must be customized to fit unique manufacturing processes and it is critical to meet production requirements while still complying with various agency regulations.

Refinishing airplanes, helicopters, other aviation equipment and catering to industrial manufacturers requires precision and the right equipment. From the vital prep process to the delicate refinishing process, it’s not an easy task to accomplish. Even the slightest mistake can cause a huge problem, which can lead to a loss of time and profits. Since this loss is unacceptable for most businesses it’s important to get the highest-quality industrial paint booths for the workspace. Accudraft can provide you with the highest quality finishing systems on the market. The company is known for creating innovative paint booth technology, which includes making some of the most technologically advanced aircraft and industrial paint booths in the industry.

Keeping a clean and regulated environment is vital during the refinishing process, especially when working with large equipment or airplanes. This is why Accudraft incorporates downdraft technology into the top paint booths to eliminate as much overspray and contamination as possible, which ultimately reduces the time spent on buffing, fixing mistakes and re-painting. The technology installed in Accudraft industrial paint booths features the latest design features, which ensure that you have the most optimal environment for paint application and coating. From paint mixing rooms to a complete finishing system, Accudraft can supply you with the right tools to make sure that you become an industry leader and that your paint jobs rise to a whole new level.

Accudraft Industrial Paint Booths

One of the top industrial paint booths that Accudraft has to offer is the open face spray booth, which allows for the quick removal and containment of any debris or airborne contaminants. Any pollutants are immediately sucked to the back of the unit and ejected to the outdoors to allow you to complete a clean and flawless paint job. Not only will you be able to complete jobs faster and more efficiently, but the Accudraft industrial paint booths also provide experts with a comfortable workspace. If you prefer a customized paint booth for your company then that option is also readily available. Contact a representative at Accudraft to inquire about pricing and the various options currently available to you.