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Large paint booths and finishing environments used by some of the best names in the truck industry like MACK & Freightliner.


Accudraft TX truck paint booths are available in either single-wall or dual-skin insulated designs and are engineered according to your specific needs. The large-sized cabin with shadowless lighting allows you to paint trucks and large equipment in a controlled environment. A heated air makeup unit can be added for better application temperatures, and a heated cure cycle allows you to paint more trucks per day.



Accudraft’s PRO Series truck paint booths are a more economically built system that consists of single-sheet wall panels that are pre-bent into a companion-flanged mating design. All bolt holes are pre-punched via computerized CNC machining for a precision fit and accurate hole alignment. PRO Series single-wall truck booths are available in either G90 galvanized finish or G90 galvanized PLUS PRO White baked on enamel finish. PRO white enamel finish produces much more light inside the booth and has a non-reflective “flat” type finish that not only aids in clear optics in the booth, but also helps hide blemishes for a clean look inside and out.

Every piece of the cabin carries a punched ID number tattooed directly into the steel for ease or parts tracking and “assembly by number” installation. If a part is ever damaged or needed for replacement, just reference the number in the piece and Accudraft can produce a direct replacement and ship immediately.

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A dual skin truck booth has a cabin constructed of insulated panels with two “skins,” referring to the interior and exterior steel sheets. Insulation is a non-flammable rock or mineral wool that must be approved and certified for use in the paint booth’s construction. The truck paint booth must meet NFPA 33 standards and many others.

Dual skin truck paint booths are insulated to keep the heat inside the cabin for several reasons, including being more energy efficient and keeping the shop space around the outside of the truck booth cooler. In the summer months, especially in warm climates, technicians working near or next to the booth will be exposed to hot temperatures, making it very uncomfortable. Outdoor truck paint booths do not have this issue. However, since the paint booth walls will be exposed to the outdoor temperatures, outdoor truck paint booths should be insulated to maximize energy efficiency.

Another advantage to the TX Dual-Skin insulated platform is its heavy-duty construction and the ability to add integrated 3-axis man lifts. Nobody thinks of it, but trucks are very tall and cumbersome to maneuver around when refinishing. Most paint and finishing processes involve using a ladder or lift. Moving ladders manually or using scissor lifts can become very time consuming. Getting the right angle of reach when using conventional means of getting a boost is difficult. If your angle of reach for sanding, washing, masking, or painting changes, you need to get down, move the ladder or scissor lift and reposition. With integrated man lifts, Accudraft’s TX paint booths allow the user to travel easily with the use of 3 joysticks that have a dedicated axis. If they want to travel in one direction and keep working, the lift is locked in place in the other two axes and the single-axis travel is safe at whatever speed or distance they want. Travel up, down, left, right, or in and out all at the touch of a lever.

The lift systems are integrated right into the structure of the paint booth. This reduces the lift and lift basket’s overall footprint and allows the basket to be completely out of the way when fully retracted. Integrated man lifts also eliminate the hazard of running into the paint booth walls or the piece being painted. Lifts are on dedicated tracks and have limits and end-stops pre-set so there is no way to damage the booth itself. They are a much safer and faster way to just get to work and move quickly across the job. Accudraft TX dual skin paint booths can be purchased together with the lift systems as a package or simply purchase the unit pre-engineered to receive the lifts in the future. When you’re ready to add them, the lift systems simply bolt-on for next level speed production.

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Our paint booth manufacturing is done in Italy and in the U.S. at our facility in South Carolina. Our unique ability to design and manufacture across borders allows us to bring clients superior products at competitive prices. We are committed to delivering best-in-class products by continuously increasing our partnerships and distribution network.

  • Truck paint booths are available in a multitude of configurations. Each one has performance and installation advantages. Most truck paint booths are large and require a lot of space, especially if the truck booth is installed indoors. In some cases, outdoor truck paint booths can save a lot of valuable space inside a truck repair facility.

    There are four configurations for truck paint booths: crossflow, semi downdraft, side downdraft, and downdraft. Each can have any number of features and are available as heated or non-heated systems. The performance features and layout options for a truck paint booth are generally the same. Three specific elements typically change between truck booths’ different configurations: the draft pattern, the possible layout in the building, and the space required.

  • The most popular type of truck paint booth on the market is the crossflow truck paint booth. It generally is the lowest cost and is one of the smallest footprint truck paint booths you can find.

    Draft Pattern

    The draft pattern in a crossflow draws the air along the length of the cabin from either front to back or back to front (also sometimes referred to as a “reverse flow” truck paint booth or “reverse crossflow” truck booth). This draft pattern makes the crossflow truck paint booth more economical because there is less air required to achieve airspeed. The cross-section of the area where the air is flowing is relatively small compared to side downdraft or downdraft truck paint booths. Because of this, the paint booth exhaust fans and air makeup can be smaller and less costly. The cost advantages make a crossflow or crossdraft one of the most popular types of truck paint booths on the market.

    Layout and Size

    The dimensions of the crossflow truck booth are relatively small, adding to its popularity. There are no external ducts on the sides like that of a side downdraft configuration. Instead, the exhaust fans are usually above the cabin, which keeps the surrounding area clear. There are several ways the air makeup unit can be installed: mounted on the floor next to the cabin, supported above the booth, suspended inside the building, or placed on the roof of the building. Rooftop air makeup units are versatile and can make a crossflow truck paint booth take up little to no extra room outside the booth cabin footprint.

    Ceiling height is another advantage to crossflow truck paint booths. It delivers air to the paint booth cabin either through filtered front doors or through supply air columns at one end of the truck booth cabin. This means that the crossflow truck paint booth needs no upper ceiling plenum to deliver air like all other truck paint booth types. A custom crossflow booth will maximize ceiling height within the truck refinish facility. Other types of truck paint booth would lose some ceiling height in the truck paint booth workspace.

  • Semi downdraft truck paint booths are also quite popular in the truck repair and refinish industry. The semi downdraft configuration has incoming air delivered into an upper plenum above the truck paint booth ceiling. If you choose to install a non-heated booth, adding a heated makeup unit is extremely easy to do so later on.

    Draft Pattern

    The semi downdraft’s draft pattern draws the air along the cabin’s length, like a crossflow. It can flow from either front to back or back to front (also sometimes referred to as a “reverse flow” truck paint booth or “reverse semi downdraft” truck booth). This draft pattern makes the semi downdraft booth more economical because there is less airflow required. The cross-section of the area where the air is flowing is relatively small compared to side downdraft or downdraft truck paint booths. Because of this, the paint booth exhaust fans and air makeup can be smaller and less costly.

    What makes a semi downdraft paint booth different than a crossflow is that it offers a cleaner delivery of supply air and the ability to add heat in the future. A crossflow paint booth that flows air through the front doors may allow debris contamination more so than a semi downdraft paint booth that utilizes an upper plenum. The upper plenum is generally cleaner and free from ground-level debris and contaminants.

    Layout and Size

    Semi downdraft truck paint booths utilize floor space well and offer lots of installation flexibility. However, because of its upper plenum, the semi downdraft’s ceiling height may be a concern if the truck finishing facility’s ceiling is close to the size of the trucks it is looking to paint.

    Semi downdraft paint booths offer better flexibility when it comes to the addition of heat, draft pattern, and cleanliness. If you’re considering a semi downdraft for your truck facility, ask yourself- do you need heat now or in the future? And, does the ceiling height in your shop allow for an upper plenum?

  • Side draft truck paint booths are engineered to provide better airflow and cleanliness while still keeping the installation above ground. Side draft booths require no concrete work, which is a significant benefit. This is a considerable time and money saver for a truck paint booth installation project.

    Draft Pattern

    A side draft truck paint booth introduces air into the upper plenum above the interior ceiling and exhausts the air through plenums attached to the bottom of the side walls. The resulting draft pattern is very close to that of a downdraft truck paint booth.

    The side draft booth tends to run higher in price compared to other configurations. It has the most materials involved: a full upper plenum that runs the entire length of the truck paint booth and ducts on the left and right that run the truck booth’s entire length. However, when compared to downdraft paint booths, the overall project costs and downtime can be much less since there is no concrete work required, and the installation is entirely above ground on the facility’s existing floor.

    Layout and Size

    Side draft truck paint booths require a wider footprint than most other paint booths because of the exhaust plenums on the side walls. Each side of the booth will usually have a duct anywhere from 24 inches to 48 inches wide, depending on the paint booth’s size and the airflow required. Side draft exhaust fans are usually contained within the footprint of these ducts, or, if they are larger than the duct, are set high above the cabin.

    Side draft booths need to have an upper ceiling plenum to deliver air along the workspace’s length. However, non-heated side draft booths can be designed without a plenum and instead have filters separating the shop from the paint booth’s interior. This offers some savings, but if heat were to be added in the future, a plenum would need to be built above the paint booth.

  • Downdraft truck paint booths are engineered to provide the best airflow pattern and cleanliness available in the truck paint booth group. With this configuration, airflow is directed under the truck being painted and under the painter.

    Draft Pattern

    A downdraft truck paint booth introduces air into the upper plenum (above the truck paint booth’s interior ceiling) and exhausts the air through a pit(s) in the floor. The resulting draft pattern is a consistent envelope of airflow around the truck being painted. A downdraft creates a very clean and even draft that removes paint overspray away from the truck being painted. It also prevents overspray on the painter, no matter where the painter is working. The draft pulls the overspray down and away, keeping things clean and keeping the environment healthy for the painter. Multiple painters can work on the same job at the same time without any issue of cross-contaminating or clouds of overspray traveling from one to another.

    Layout and Size

    Downdraft truck paint booths have a relatively small footprint since there are no external ducts or fans to the sides. An air makeup unit can be installed next to the cabin or away from it. In some cases, it can even be installed outdoors, above the booth, or on the building’s roof to help save space.

  • Heat offers better coating performance and faster production

    Heat is a significant decision when planning to install a truck paint booth. The addition of heat will allow for more control over application temperatures and proper adhesion of the coating being sprayed onto the truck or truck part. Incorrect temperatures that are either too hot or too cold can make a new truck paint coating fail either immediately or over time. Getting the truck up to the proper application temperature is critical to the adhesion and performance of the paint or coating being sprayed.

    Achieving the correct temperature can also take significant time if the truck paint booth does not have its own heated air makeup unit. Trucks have very thick substrates, such as steel, that take a long time to warm up. A heated truck paint booth will allow the user to heat the truck quickly and be ready to paint in a fraction of the time.

    You may need heat anyway

    When a non-heated truck paint booth runs inside a truck finishing facility, local mechanical or building codes require that an air replacement or makeup system be installed to replace the large amount of air being exhausted from the building. If a large system, such as a truck paint booth, is allowed to pull air out of a building unchecked, other dangers could arise due to the lack of pressure.

    Authorities may require an air makeup unit to install a truck paint booth. If this is the case, go for a heated truck paint booth instead of a non-heated booth plus a makeup air unit for the building. It will cost about the same and will be much more energy efficient. The paint booth will be a closed-loop now, and the paint booth heat unit would include many extended capabilities, including a cure or “bake mode.” For roughly the same investment, you can control how much energy is used and produce more out of the paint booth system.

  • Accudraft’s SmartPad control panel provides some of the most flexible operation features available anywhere. All operational information is displayed in one concise display with user-friendly icons depicting the function related to each button. All settings are pre-programmed directly by Accudraft before the control panel is shipped.

    Accudraft SmartPad controls are available as retrofits to any existing truck paint booth regardless of brand/manufacturer. While it offers a straightforward interface, several deeper, password-protected menus can be created for limited access to protect the default operation. Menus and settings can be easily understood and navigable by all employees.

    Accudraft’s SmartPad paint booth control panel has communication capability that allows it to “talk” to your truck paint booth system and understand the conditions inside the booth workspace. Temperature and static pressure are regulated automatically while the painter works, and alarms tell the painter when it is time to change the filters.

  • FOCUS is Accudraft’s 15″ touchscreen control panel that includes every capability of Accudraft’s SmartPad panel plus internet connectivity for unprecedented information recording and unlimited future capabilities. With the addition of internet connectivity, FOCUS allows users and Accudraft to understand what is happening with any given system anywhere in the world.

    Updates to Software

    FOCUS will allow the user to update the software as they become available. If new features are added or a bug is fixed, an update will appear, and the user will be prompted to update the software. This will keep the paint booth controls up to date with the latest programs and upcoming demands from coatings manufacturers.

    Remote Monitoring and Intervention

    FOCUS has a unique IP address, and Accudraft can log in to any machine in the world. This is not to be confused with a simple monitoring service, which only lets Accudraft techs see what is happening. Our FOCUS panel allows the technician to see what is happening and operate the unit remotely. This certainly does not eliminate the need for on-site service, but it is invaluable when a technical problem exists, and routine tests could point to a simple problem. At the very least, a technician will be dispatched with much more information on the issue than without FOCUS.

    Job Costing

    FOCUS paint booth control panels keep all your information saved per job. Now, you’ll see how much energy and time the paint booth used when finishing a truck or part. This information is available both locally at the paint booth controller and on your Accudraft account online.

    Filter Ordering Right from Your Control Panel

    Meet the functionality that will change the way you service your paint booth. Time alarms and running hours are directly reported to Accudraft, so we know how your system functions and what it needs, when it needs it. Every facility is different, and usage determines the frequency of service and filter changes for your truck paint booth.

    The FOCUS paint booth control panel does all the thinking for you. If you need filters right away, no need to go anywhere else; order filters directly from the FOCUS touch screen, and they will be processed immediately. No need to measure filters or give any information to us. Your machine specs are saved in our database, and the correct filters will arrive at your doorstep.

  • Heat reclaim technology is an essential feature on any truck paint booth, especially in cold climates. When conditioning a large volume of air, a lot of energy is required. High CFM is rushing through the cabin to provide airflow, and that air is normally heated to a proper spraying temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

    During the finishing process’s spray or working phase, 100% of this heated air is being passed through and exhausted from the truck paint booth. A truck paint booth with a heat reclaim system will take back or “reclaim” a significant portion of this otherwise wasted heat and temper the incoming intake air with this energy. When exchanging this energy, the cold intake air becomes warmer and needs less energy from the heat unit to get the 75 degrees desired in the spray phase. Likewise, during the cure cycle or “bake” phase, the 20% intake air being brought in (assuming the truck paint booth has a true 80/20 heat recycle) is gaining heat from the 20% hot air that is being exhausted, making the heat unit and burner use less fuel to get to baking temperatures.

    For example, a 20,000 CFM heat reclaim system on a truck paint booth operating in the spray cycle at 75 degrees Fahrenheit will produce approximately 45 degrees of intake air if the outside air temperature is 23 degrees. In this case, the heat reclaim unit creates twenty degrees of temperature rise from traditionally wasted energy.

    The significant savings come when you look at a truck paint booth in a real-world application. Some truck paint booths use forty to sixty thousand CFM. Imagine doubling or tripling these savings every hour of every day for the life of the equipment. The colder the climate, the more the case for heat reclaim.

  • Rollup doors are optional on truck paint booths. These doors allow for more installation versatility by allowing the booth entrance to be installed very close to an exterior entrance or exit to the building. Bifold doors typically require more clearance to allow them to open.

    Rollup doors also have a very long service life with minimal maintenance or repair required. Rollup doors also make entry and exit of trucks and large equipment into the paint booth very quick and easy. A push of a button and the door is open or closed. If high production is what you’re looking for, Accudraft would recommend rollup doors.

    Rollups doors are available in several configurations, from dead-man operation to fully automated with laser and pneumatic safety edges and light curtains.



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