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Accudraft automotive prep and limited finishing station 5000


Free-standing multi-station automotive prep station with curtains designed for prep and limited finishing. Large enough to work on whole vehicles. Non-heated or add heat if you want spray and bake much like a heated paint booth. Standard as a two-bay prep station. Expand to as many as you need.

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Single or multiple cable-hung workstations with curtains designed for prep and limited finishing. Large enough to work on whole vehicles. Non-heated or add heat if you want spray and bake much like a heated paint booth.

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Single or multiple cable-hung plenums with or without curtains, perfect for prepping and/or painting parts, bumpers or small jobs.

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Economic work stations built for prep or limited finishing. Available in various configurations. Non-heated or add heat if you need it. Galvanized or white finish.

Get started. Get to work. Paint like a PRO™.

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If you don’t prep vehicles before they go into the paint booth, anything that gets botched during the spraying process creates a bottleneck. The process has to be started all over again, costing time and money. Automotive prep stations make your entire process more efficient and help to eliminate the types of errors that hinder the flow of business.

Accudraft Prep Stations

Purchasing an Accudraft Paint Booth is only half of the battle. While many shops focus most of their attention on the actual painting and refinishing process, they completely overlook the importance of vehicle setup and prep. Before vehicles ever reach your paint booth, they should be prepped and sanded.

What that does is help to produce a cleaner finish by removing as much dust and debris before vehicles are sent to the paint booth as possible. It’s also a good idea to have your exhaust fans recirculate the heated or cooled air within your prep station. That way you are not wasting energy and causing your utility bills to go sky high.

Accudraft has thought of everything when it comes to creating highly efficient prep stations that improve the overall function of your shop. Accudraft prep stations can be configured to maximize speed by creating a highly organized system for moving vehicles through the line.

You can add heat controls and curtains to your prep station, and, with only a few additions and upgrades, you can turn an Accudraft prep station into a full service prep and painting station. Accudraft offers four different prep station models, all designed to help improve your overall business and create flawless paint jobs.

The Magnum5000 Prep Station

At the top of Accudraft’s prep station product line is the Magnum 5000. This freestanding prep station is made for high volume shops that are looking for a way to speed up the process. The Magnum 5000 comes with advanced technology including a SmartPad control panel, and intake fans that work in conjunction with standard exhaust fans.

Like many of Accudraft’s products, you can upgrade and add-on to this prep station to make it an even more productive part of the process. You can purchase either a heated Magnum 5000 prep station or a non-heated one, depending on whether or not you intend to use your prep station for limited finishing.

Another plus to using the Magnum 5000 is that it is large enough to house the entire vehicle so that the prep work is evenly done. The standard model comes with two bays, but you can add as many bays as you need. With heat added combined with an Accudraft air makeup system in place, you can prep and refinish simultaneously.

The Magnum 5000 comes in downdraft, semi-downdraft, and side downdraft versions. Using 100% recirculated air, your shop doesn’t waste air conditioning on the outdoors. You can expel the exhausted air after each vehicle is prepped, rather than expelling air the entire time the way that many prep stations on the market do.

The Prep4000 Prep Station


Shops that have limited space for a full service paint booth should consider adding the Prep4000 prep station from Accudraft. It is a full size automotive prep station that can be used to both prep and paint. Painting in a prep station that is not properly ventilated is against EPA regulations. The Prep4000 is EPA compliant to be used for painting.

You can also use the Prep4000 solely for vehicle prep with limited finishing. These workstations can be configured as a single cable-hung workstation or multiple ones separated with curtains. It can be purchased heated for painting and prep or non-heated for vehicle prep only.

The Prep3000 Prep Station


Collision repair centers often use their paint booths to paint vehicle parts, bumpers, and small jobs. With the Accudraft Prep3000, you can prep and paint small parts inside of the prep station without having to use your paint booth for small jobs.

Suspended and closed with a plenum that is hung from the shop ceiling, the Prep3000 creates an enclosed work and spray area. Up to three curtain walls come with this modular single bay prep station but you could also add as many bays as you need.

Using a dedicated intake fan, this prep station is EPA 6H compliant. It is ideal for prepping aluminum cars and trucks and allows you to prep near the finishing area without increasing the debris and dust within your shop.

The PRO Series Prep Station

Unlike the other Accudraft prep stations, PRO Series prep stations are designed solely for prep and not spraying or baking. It is for the small shop working with a limited budget. It is a suspended closed-top workstation and fits easily in most any paint booth facility.

The PRO Series Prep Station is ideal for shops that work with small parts. It helps to free up your one or two paint booths being used for vehicles so that time is not wasted using an entire paint booth to prep a few small parts.

Ask Accudraft about Adding a Prep Station to Your Operation

Choosing which prep station model you need can be tough. Each design offers its own unique advantages. If you are thinking about adding a prep station to your operation but aren’t sure which to choose, contact your local Accudraft distributor. They are there to answer any questions you may have about improving your operations by adding an Accudraft prep station to your shop.