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Texas Collision Centers Expands with Two New Italia’s

Texas Collision Centers opened its doors in early 2023. Since then, they have expanded to 10+ locations across the Dallas-Fort Worth area while remaining committed to serving local communities. During the opening of their Arlington location, they reached out to Accudraft for a new finishing system setup. To keep up with their growing customer demand, Texas Collision Centers decided to install two Italia paint booths at the time of opening. As they had experience with Accudraft booths in other shops, Texas Collision Centers knew the Italia’s would exceed expectations.

About the Install Project

Accudraft, just like Texas Collision Centers, focuses on integrity and support to deliver the highest quality service to our customers. That’s why we partner with an exclusive network of trusted distributors across the country to help complete the installation process. Our long-time Texas distributor, Chris Curran, worked on the Texas Collision Centers install project—and delivered exceptional results.

If you’re located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, reach out to our certified Accudraft distributor, Chris Curran of EcoTech Systems, for a new paint booth: (214) 616-8535

Custom Italia Paint Booths

At the Arlington location of Texas Collision Centers, they needed to slightly adjust our standard sized Italia to fit their vehicle mix. Many in their community have large SUVs and pickup trucks, so TCC needed to ensure they were prepared to handle this vehicle mix. While we do have an Italia Alto, that only provides additional height—not length. So we extended our original Italia by 4’ for an overall length of 28’. We also upgraded all doors to Vetrino glass for a better look and work environment.

Looking for a New Paint Booth?

When your shop is ready to open its doors—or upgrade its current setup—call Accudraft. Our team will ensure you’re going with the best finishing system that makes sense for your vehicle mix. While we always offer ready-to-ship stock paint booths, our engineers can customize any model to fit the specifications needed at any facility. Get started today by contacting us online.