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About Accudraft: Our history, our products & the company we keep

Accudraft (SAIMA of North America Inc.) was founded by owner Guy Pippa in 1977. Guy was committed to bringing the auto collision industry a high production machine that would not only let the average shop produce jobs faster but also allow them to produce factory finishes. It all started with one singular paint booth system that set the tone for our entire company and our commitment to high quality.

Over the course of 40 years, Accudraft has grown far beyond one product and today we serve several industries in markets across the entire western hemisphere. In addition to the automotive and truck industry, Accudraft designs and builds finishing systems and paint booths for the aircraft finishing industry, marine vessel finishing industry, train and rail car finishing industry, and many other industries that need spray finishing enclosures and solutions.



Today, our manufacturing is done in Italy and in the U.S. at our facility in New Jersey. Our unique ability to design and manufacture across borders allows us to bring you great products at better prices. We are committed to bringing you best-in-class products and in serving you better by increasing our partnerships and distribution network.

If your company supplies and services finishing equipment in your area and you would like to join the team as an Accudraft product distributor, please fill out the contact request form on our dealers page.



Our Products

Our organization has always been built on quality. From our products to our employees and distributors around the world, Accudraft holds itself to the highest standard so that we may produce a great experience for our customers. We design and engineer our products around the user and are continually improving designs and materials to bring you durable finishing systems that will last a lifetime, all at a price that is the same or less than others on the market.

Accudraft’s signature structure has been a symbol of its unparalleled quality for over 35 years. Build-quality is the cornerstone around which all Accudraft products are engineered. It permeates the mentality of every person in our organization and keeps our engineers true to what people expect when they work with an Accudraft product. This commitment to building great machines is what drives us. It’s in our DNA and it stems from the company’s origin itself.

Accudraft products originated near the town of Arezzo, a region in Italy known for its artisan or “artigiano” roots in metalworking. During industrialization, local craftsmen brought their passion for superior quality to new foundries and industrial factories. Whether the finished product was an industrial machine or a piece of jewelry, the end result was the same; A high level of quality that people could see and feel. This has always been the cultural signature of the region and back in 1977, it shaped every step of production on the first ever Accudraft spray booth.

After more than 35 years, the integrity of both our products and our company has never been stronger.


Accudraft Team

Our People

Our team here at our headquarters in New Jersey and our distributors around the world offer unmatched support and expertise for our products. Our dealers and distributors serve as a critical link between our company and our customers everywhere. We rely on them to participate with us as partners in building and maintaining the long-standing customer relationships that have made Accudraft successful. We value their positive contributions to our reputation and their deep commitment to the customers and communities they serve. We sustain tight relationships with them through trust, communication and mutual benefit. We work with them every day to provide better products and support solutions necessary to satisfy any Accudraft customer’s needs anywhere.



Our Suppliers

We seek strong, mutually rewarding business relationships with suppliers who enhance the value of our products throughout the entire life cycle. We view suppliers as extensions of our company and an essential part of our extended value chain. We look for local suppliers and business allies who demonstrate strong values and who can support our commitment to quality.