Titan Downdraft Paint Booth

The Accudraft Titan™ is the ultimate in spray booth technology and high speed finishing production. Airflow and workspace conditions are engineered and optimized for the latest low VOC & waterborne paints on the market today.

Unmatched downdraft airflow and contamination control produce fantastic jobs faster, while EnergySmart™ technology saves you time and up to 50% on energy costs.

More jobs. Faster jobs. Lower expenses.

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ITALIA Downdraft Paint Booth

Accudraft’s flagship downdraft paint booth system designed for high production. With a 40 year reputation for speed and durability, the ITALIA continues to represent the gold standard for automotive refinishing. High airflow and fast curing speeds make it a solid system for collision repair facilities looking for low cycle time and years of non-stop operation.

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MX Series Paint Booths

Accudraft’s MX series paint booths provide the most options and flexibility when deciding what fits your shop best. The MX series paint booth systems are available in semi downdraft, side draft, and downdraft configurations. Single wall or dual skin costruction and a multitude of air handler configurations allow you to build a paint booth that has exactly what you need in the shape and size that works best for you.

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SS Space Saver Paint Booth

The Accudraft SS is a space saving high-performance paint booth that allows the user to spray, flash, cure, and cool down in order to increase production. A small footprint and built-in overhead air mechanicals save valuable shop space. 99% energy efficient direct-fire heating with heat recycle produces fast curing temperatures.

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PRO Series Paint Booths

Economic paint booth and finishing solutions made in various configurations. Non-heated or add heat if you need it. Available in galvanized or white finish.

Get started. Get to work. Paint like a PRO™.

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Types of Automotive Paint Booths

There are four main types of automotive paint booths to choose from including a crossdraft paint booth, semi downdraft paint booth, sidedraft paint booth and a downdraft paint booth.

crossdraft paint booth


A crossdraft paint booth, also known as a “crossflow” paint booth makes air flow directly across the vehicle that is being painted from the front doors to the back wall of the paint booth. The draft can also go from the back wall of the paint boot towards the front doors. Some manufacturers call this a “reverse flow” configuration. What is important is that the flow is along the LENGTH of the part or car being painted in the booth. These are extremely popular in the automotive and truck industry, because they are economic and they easily meet all the standards and codes for a painting facility. The way a crossdraft or crossflow paint booth works is that the incoming air is drawn directly through the main doors or through filtered columns in the front corners of the paint booth. The exhaust is accomplished through another set of columns or filtration located towards the rear of the paint booth. The air circulates around the sides and above of the vehicle. Crossdraft booths are constructed with the least amount of materials than any other paint booth. Crossdraft paint booths are typically at a lower price point and they also don’t need any concrete work which can add greatly to the cost of a project.

semi-downdraft-paint booth

Semi Downdraft:

A semi downdraft paint booth operates much like the crossdraft or crossflow paint booth because the incoming air is toward the front of the paint booth and the exhaust is still achieved through the rear of the booth. The main difference is that the incoming air is now being introduced to the spray booth through a plenum in the ceiling instead pf through filtered doors or columbs at the front of the booth. This creates a diagonal draft pattern that moves overspray across and away from painter and the vehicle being painted. The main advantage to a semi downdraft paint booth is that the upper plenum allows the addition of a heated paint booth air makeup without major construction changes to the paint booth cabin. Teh heated amu can be ducted into the plenum directly and the booth can cure or bake to get vehicles out faster. If a heated air makeup unit was added to a crossflow paint booth, a plenum would have to be constructed first and if the crossflow paint booth was drawing air through filtered doors, the doors would have to be blocked off in order to make the paint booth work. The semi downdraft paint booth is one of the most popular in the automotive collision repair industry. A semi downdraft is also an “above ground” paint booth configuration, meaning it does not need concrete work prior to installation of the paint booth.

Side Downdraft Paint Booth Air Flow Concept

Side Draft:

A side draft paint booth operates by bringing in filtered air through the ceiling and exhausting it through the sidewalls of the workspace. The side draft or side down configuration creates an even airflow around the painted object and draws overspray and contaminants down and away from painter and the finish, which makes for a safer and cleaner environment and more efficient paint job. A side draft paint booth gives you a great draft pattern that is much like that of a downdraft paint booth and it does not need concrete work prior to installation of the paint booth.

Downdraft Paint Booth Airflow Concept The biggest advantage to a downdraft paint booth is cleanliness. Air is drawn around the vehicle or painted object and exhausted from underneath the object. Downdraft paint booths pull paint overspray and contaminants downward and away from the painted object no matter where the painter is spraying. The risk of dust and overspray contamination is greatly reduced and the painter is also in a much safer environment since the overspray is pulled immediately downward and away from the painter no matter where he is standing. Finishes are generally cleaner and can translate to money saved by reducing buffing and corrections after the finish is dry.


A downdraft paint booth produces a draft pattern that runs straight down from the ceiling to the floor and is the most efficient and clean option available on paint booths. Since the air is drawn around the vehicle and exhausted underneath, it pulls overspray and contaminants downward and away from the painter and the finish no matter where the operator is spraying. The risk of overspray and contamination is greatly reduced. A downdraft paint booth can be made with a concrete pit or it can be raised on a steel basement with drive-up ramps to allow installation of a downdraft system without having to do concrete work.

Accudraft Automotive Paint Booths and Finishing Systems

If you are thinking about purchasing an automotive paint booth for a small start up shop, then you may want to begin with a basic booth until you figure out your business model and attract new clients. Once you do that, then there are various extras and upgrades that you can add onto your booth such as a heating unit to quickly cure paint and speed up production. It’s important to think ahead before you make any final decisions – where do you see yourself and your shop in five or ten years? Regardless of your answer, Accudraft has a system for you. From basic and simple to high tech and high production systems. Accudraft is a leading manufacturer of automotive paint booths and our experts would be more than happy to answer your questions and assist you in picking the perfect paint booth for your shop. Connect with Accudraft today to learn more about the wide inventory of automotive paint booth models available to you.

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