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MX Series Paint Booths

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Accudraft’s MX series paint booths provide the most options and flexibility when deciding what fits your shop best. The MX series paint booth systems are available in semi downdraft, side draft, and downdraft configurations. Single wall or dual skin construction and a multitude of air handler configurations allow you to build a paint booth that has exactly what you need in the shape and size that works best for you.

Accudraft MX 300 Semi Downdraft Paint Booth

Semi Downdraft

The Accudraft MX paint booth in semi downdraft configuration delivers heated air to the upper plenum in the front of the paint booth ceiling and air is exhausted out the rear of the workspace. Ideal for paint booth installations where floorspace length is available and width is a concern. Full heat recycle through a rear plenum gives you an efficient high-performance semi downdraft paint booth without sacrificing heat and energy efficiency. No concrete pits or excavation necessary.

Accudraft MX 400 Side Draft Paint Booth

Side Downdraft

The Accudraft MX paint booth in side draft configuration delivers heated air to the upper plenum above the paint booth ceiling and air is exhausted out the bottom of the side walls. Side draft configurations give you the closest draft pattern to a downdraft without having to do concrete work. Full heat recycle. No concrete pits or excavation necessary.

Accudraft MX 600 paint booth with tube axial exhaust


The Accudraft MX paint booth in downdraft configuration delivers heated air to the upper plenum above the paint booth ceiling and air is exhausted through the floor underneath the vehicle and painter. Also available with a raised steel basement for a pit-less downdraft configuration giving you the best of both worlds: a true downdraft paint booth system and no concrete pit excavation necessary.

Simple Joint Construction

The Simple Joint interlock system creates a workspace with up to four times the integrity of ordinary spray booths. Galvanized steel and industrial PVC coatings provide the highest grade of durability and outdoor weather resistance available. The Simple Joint panel design also produces a neat & clean finish free of bolts or screws.

Available Dual Skin Insulated Construction


KD™ Series Integrated Air Makeup System

The KD™ Series air makeup unit is a completely integrated intake, heat, and exhaust system designed for high production downdraft paint booths. Forward curve and backward inclined turbines provide powerful airflow through the paint booth and recycled direct fire heating provides fast heating with maximum energy efficiency. Painters can put more jobs through the paint booth per hour and generate more profits for your business.


Accudraft SmartPad Paint Booth Control Panel

SmartPad™ Digital Controls

Accudraft’s SmartPad™ digital control panel provides the user with all process information and settings in one compact and easy to read paint booth control unit. Choose between solvent and waterborne paint modes before you start. All processes are then automatic for that type of paint. The SmartPad™ can also integrate Accudraft’s Xcelerator™ for the ultimate in paint drying speed.

FOCUS™ 15″ Touchscreen Controls

FOCUS® allows the user to configure up to 5 separate programs each set to your preferences or according to coating manufacturer’s recommendations.

– Monitors humidity in the space.
– Records cost info per phase
– Records cost info per job RA#
– Painter name required per job
– Job RA# required per job

Accudraft’s FOCUS™ touchscreen control panel supports online support & services. Tech support can access any FOCUS system and monitor operations in real time.


Accudraft TITAN Pitless Downdraft Automotive Paint Spray Booth in Blue Color

Pitless Downdraft

The Accudraft MX downdraft configuration is also available in a pit-less downdraft design where the entire paint booth and mechanicals are installed on a raised steel basement with drive-up ramps. This provides all the benefits of a downdraft airflow paint booth system without the need for expensive concrete work. A fully grated floor provides one of the cleanest finishing environments available.


Outdoor Application

The MX paint booth system is available as a weatherproof outdoor unit with all elements installed within a self contained enclosure. Valuable shop space is saved and installation downtime is completely eliminated. The entire system can be installed while the rest of the facility keeps right on working.

Other Options

  • Xcelerator™ Waterborne paint drying system
  • Length, Width and Height Extensions
  • Drive Thru
  • Observation Windows in Walls
  • Xcelerator

    A high velocity air jet nozzle system designed to flash off waterborne coatings in a fraction of the time. The Accudraft Xcelerator can nearly double finishing speeds overnight, turning any new or existing spray booth into a high performance machine.

    IRT Handheld Infrared Dryer

    The IRT handheld dryer is a great addition to any finishing system. Dry spot jobs and hard-to-reach places in a snap.

    Accudraft Infrared Curing Handheld Unit

    IRT Hyperion Rail Mounted Short Wave Infrared Drying System

    Reach just about anywhere on any job. High, low, side panel, top panel. It’s all the same to the IRT Hyperion rail system. Simply slide the adjustable arm anywhere you need it along the length of the booth or prep area and position the arm at the best angle to dry your job. The Hyperion will take it from there.

    Accudraft Infrared Curing Rail Mounted System