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SS Space Saver Paint Booth

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The Accudraft SS is a space saving high performance paint booth that allows the user to spray, flash, cure, and cool down in order to increase production. A small footprint and overhead air makeup unit save valuable shop space. Direct fire heating with full heat recycle saves thousands in operating costs.

Available Dual Skin Insulated Construction


The Accudraft SS™ paint booth system is available in two different CFM packages.

*Approximate heights based on SS standard height. Height details expressed are approximate and are not to be used for construction.

10,000 CFM Space Saver AMU

Tandem Dual Inlet Blower
7.5 HP Intake & 5 HP Exhaust
(2) 5-6000 CFM Forward Curve Centrifugal Blowers
10,000+ CFM Overall Air Performance
Fits Under 13’ Ceiling (approximate)
Direct Fire
Full 80/20 Heat Recycle


14,000 CFM Space Saver AMU

Single 500mm Dual Inlet Blower
10 HP Intake & 5 HP Exhaust
(2) 5-6000 CFM Forward Curve Centrifugal Blowers
10,000+ CFM Overall Air Performance
Fits Under 15’ Ceiling (approximate)
Direct Fire
Full 80/20 Heat Recycle


Accudraft SmartPad Paint Booth Control Panel

SmartPad™ Digital Controls

Accudraft’s SmartPad™ digital control panel provides the user with all process information and settings in one compact and easy to read paint booth control unit. Choose between solvent and waterborne paint modes before you start. All processes are then automatic for that type of paint. The SmartPad™ can also integrate Accudraft’s Xcelerator™ for the ultimate in paint drying speed.

FOCUS™ 15″ Touchscreen Controls

FOCUS® allows the user to configure up to 5 separate programs each set to your preferences or according to coating manufacturer’s recommendations.

– Monitors humidity in the space.
– Records cost info per phase
– Records cost info per job RA#
– Painter name required per job
– Job RA# required per job

Accudraft’s FOCUS™ touchscreen control panel supports online support & services. Tech support can access any FOCUS system and monitor operations in real time.


Simple Joint Construction

The Simple Joint interlock system creates a workspace with up to four times the integrity of ordinary spray booths. Galvanized steel and industrial PVC coatings provide the highest grade of durability and outdoor weather resistance available. The Simple Joint panel design also produces a neat & clean finish free of bolts or screws.



Galvanized Steel
Vinyl Coated Interior & Exterior
Manufactured & Shipped with Protective Polyethylene Coating
24 Inch Interlocking Male & Female Panels
Non-flammable Insulation
Meets National Fire Protection Requirements (NFPA Compliant)
Available in Blue, White, Red, or Grey Exterior Colors

Accudraft Dual Skin Paint Booth Insulated Vinyl Coated Choice of Color

Other Options

Drive Through Doors
Reverse Flow Layout
Side Draft


The Xcelerator was developed in order to help high production collision centers meet and surpass their financial goals. Often times, productivity is held back by paint drying time. Even the best managed collision center will eventually reach a production limit due to the finishing & drying process. The Accudraft Xcelerator can nearly double finishing speeds overnight, turning any new or existing spray booth into a high performance machine.

IRT Handheld Infrared Dryer

The IRT handheld dryer is a great addition to any finishing system. Dry spot jobs and hard-to-reach places in a snap.

Accudraft Infrared Curing Handheld Unit

IRT Hyperion Rail Mounted Short Wave Infrared Drying System

Reach just about anywhere on any job. High, low, side panel, top panel. It’s all the same to the IRT Hyperion rail system. Simply slide the adjustable arm anywhere you need it along the length of the booth or prep area and position the arm at the best angle to dry your job. The Hyperion will take it from there.

Accudraft Infrared Curing Rail Mounted System