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Finishing System Maintenance Plans

Proper and regular maintenance for all finishing systems is a necessity in preserving equipment consistency and longevity. With so many intricate working parts, air handling components and unique filtration, many facilities choose to subcontract preventative maintenance to Accudraft. This maintenance service can include mechanical component examination and servicing, filter replacement, light fixture inspection, bulb and ballast replacement and booth cabin cleaning. The focus of this maintenance is to maintain the equipment in its most efficient state. Whether you have Accudraft equipment or another manufacturer, we offer custom maintenance plans that are specifically tailored for your facility. Your personalized plan will provide a detailed schedule of specific manufacturer guidelines that emphasize how often key components should be inspected, cleaned or replaced. It is critical to have proper and regular maintenance completed by experienced technicians who can ensure key components are working optimally to prevent costly repairs and production backlog. Accudraft understands the equipment you elect for your shop is a big investment and we want to support your business and future.   If you are interested in exploring how Accudraft’s custom maintenance plans can keep you worry-free and moving, call us at 1-800-524-0340 or follow the link below to see all we have to offer.

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Finishing System Service

Accudraft paint booths are the best in the industry and they provide incredible quality finishes for many years to come. To extend the life of your new and existing equipment and to get the most out of it you must complete regularly scheduled maintenance on your paint booths, but it’s also important to have access to top notch paint booth service and emergency repair whenever you need it. At Accudraft, we work with an extensive network of authorized distributors and service technicians who can provide regularly scheduled, as well as emergency paint booth service on any automotive spray booth or finishing system. The authorized distributors and professional technicians that we work with also offer additional valuable paint booth services such as installation and relocation of new and used equipment, paint booth energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits and more to help you maximize your paint booth’s profitability.

Routine paint booth service is necessary to ensure continued peak performance and satisfied clientele. Our trained technicians will complete a thorough physical inspection and 16 point tune up of your equipment and make sure that everything is running as it should. After diagnosing and evaluating the equipment in person, you will receive a comprehensive plan with detailed suggestions on how to repair and continue to service your paint booth. No repairs will be completed without prior authorization.

When your paint booth and shop equipment is running smoothly, the operations of your business will also be seamless, and you’ll enjoy profitability and satisfied customers. If your equipment is giving you trouble, isn’t working as well as it should or if you are simply in need of immediate paint booth service, please give us a call at 1-800-524-0340 today. We will put you in touch with the closest authorized paint booth professional in your area to get your equipment checked, evaluated and serviced ASAP.

A performance inspection as well as a physical 16 point tune-up by one of our service experts. They will let you know if any repairs need to be made and will not perform any paint booth repairs unless authorized. Call us at 1-800-524-0340 to discuss or email us below.

Finishing System Emergency Repair

Accudraft finishing systems have a reputation for being the finest machinery available in the industry. We work with clients across the United States in creating unique and innovative finishing systems to meet their specific process and application.  We help educate and stress the importance of proper maintenance and regular scheduled service to maintain quality finishes for decades to come. As in life, we experience the occasional and untimely setback which may require immediate action. Whether you are experiencing technical difficulty, or the system is not functioning, Accudraft can provide a top-notch technician you can rely on and trust. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will diagnose and provide a plan of action for any challenge you may be encountering. We offer scheduled and emergency system repair services to assist clients in getting their business back into business right away. Our trained and experienced technicians will complete a thorough inspection and evaluation of your equipment to determine the correct diagnosis of the issue(s) at hand and quickest solution to repair the problem(s). Our extensive network of authorized distributors and professional technicians across the United States means, no matter where you are located or who manufactured your equipment, Accudraft will be there. If your equipment is causing a disturbance and in need of emergency repair, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We will provide a credible, trustworthy and authorized finishing system professional in your area to get you back on track right away. Don’t let seemingly small issues turn into considerably larges ones; Call us now: 1-800-524-0340.

Finishing System Upgrades

Accudraft finishing systems have a reputation for being the finest machinery available in the industry. We continue to help educate and stress the importance of proper maintenance and routine service to maintain Accudraft quality finishes for decades to come. Despite these efforts, your finishing system might not be meeting the demands of your current business. Things may have changed with your business since you acquired your finishing system. Your business may be growing faster than expected or you are facing challenges that require doing more with fewer resources. No problem! Accudraft provides enhancements for your finishing system to help you meet and exceed these challenges. A few of our more popular and strongly recommended finishing system upgrades include:
  • Accudraft EnergySmart control system - Run your finishing system with up to half the energy cost of a traditional system. This system can turn any basic control into an intelligent digital process system that acts on real-time situations. This upgrade can be included in any new finishing system or retrofitted on any existing equipment.
  • Accudraft FOCUS control panel – With 5 fully independent programmable processes, internet based remote monitoring and job cost information, our FOCUS control panel will redefine functionality like never before. Integrated heating, cooling and humidity control capabilities makes this upgrade a powerful tool for any facility. If you are looking to see where productivity and system functionality stand in your facility, then consider this enhancement is a must-have.
  • Accudraft Xcelerator – Meet and exceed your production and financial goals with this incredible high velocity air jet nozzle system designed to flash off waterborne coatings in half the time. Independent motors and turbines provide filtered air into the jet nozzles, not shop air compressors. Depending on the package you choose, the operator can run modules independently, as a whole unit, or in pairs depending on job task. Incorporate these into any new or existing equipment and turn your system into a high-performance machine.
  • Accudraft SmartPad control panel – A user-friendly, versatile and programmable control panel all in one compact unit. Obtain instant access to all phases of painting and setting modifications. Cycle time, temperature, lighting and reaction time are just a few of the settings you can adjust to your preference. This amazing addition can be adapted to any new or existing finishing system.
With all Accudraft equipment, we want to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment for what you are needing to accomplish. If you are unsure which upgrade would best suit your application or to learn about additional solutions, please contact an Accudraft representative.

Paint Booth Parts and Filters

One of the most important aspects of owning and operating a finishing system is ensuring all components are working optimally and in compliance with various regulations and safety codes. A properly maintained finishing system preserves equipment consistency and longevity. With so many intricate working parts, air handling components and unique filtration, it is vital to perform routine inspections and maintenance on your system. Replacing ordinary wear and tear parts, such as belts, in a timely manner, helps avoid more costly repairs down the road. In addition, ensuring all components are in proper working order means you are achieving Accudraft quality finishes. If your finished jobs are sub-par or your system is causing a disturbance in normal operation, then it is very likely your system needs replacement parts or filters. Damaged or worn parts will not only hurt production but can easily become more expensive in repairs if left unattended. Some other common problems that one should monitor include:
  • Timeworn or sticking control panel
  • Weakened or dirty fan blades
  • Any damage or depreciation to light fixtures and electrical components
  • Any unusual noise or excessive heat from motors
  • Pressure issues resulting from dirty or clogged filters
System filters are often overlooked but one of the most critical when assessing your equipment. Filters protect every single component of your finishing system and are essential in preserving equipment and efficiency. They also remove toxic fumes and debris from the work environment resulting in safer working conditions and spotless finishes. To help preserve your equipment, Accudraft offers scheduled shipment of your desired filters. You can also have electrical components, hardware and more delivered straight to your door. Not sure what part you need? Need a technician for diagnosis or install? We can be your one stop store! We are here to help you simplify your routine maintenance tasks and ensure your finishing system is always in the finest operating state. Call us at 1-800-524-0340 or follow the link below to see what we have to offer.  

To Discuss Service Needs, Please Call 1-800-524-0340.