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Look no further than Accudraft when it comes to large scale industrial crane and conveyor paint booth systems. In house manufacturing and design at Accudraft allows complete freedom and flexibility when configuring your booth layout. Cabins can be fitted around existing rail and conveyor systems or made to conform with new installations. The possibilities are endless with Accudraft industrial paint booths.

Crane Hoist System

Painting heavy industrial parts shouldn’t be a hassle. Let Accudraft help you develop a solution for your existing shop or established product assembly line. These booths are designed specifically for projects that require lifting via a hoisted system. They can be installed around existing crane and rail setups or be designed for new installations. Booths can be configured in a variety of airflow options. Shown below in side down layout with optional heating system and white on white finish option.

Conveyor System

Accudraft industrial paint booths are the ideal choice for conveyor production lines and efficient, high volume painting.

Spark Proof Tube Axial Exhaust Fan

Spark-proof construction allows this fan to exhaust hazardous or explosive gases. Regreasable ball bearings provide easy maintenance from outside the fan body extending usable life and performance.

Paint Booth Controls

ETL listed paint booth controls include all fan motor and light contacts with thermal overload protection on every circuit. Filter pressure gauge, solenoid, and air flow switches included.

Galvanized Finish

Single skin pre-punched galvanized steel

White on White Finish

Pre-coated white baked on enamel interior and exterior

Drive Through

Drive in and drive out in one direction. Keep your shop flowing.

Tempered Glass Windows

Tempered safety glass windows in main drive-in doors and side man door.

PRO-SERIES-Paint Booth with Windows

PRO Series Standalone AMU

Add heated makeup air for proper application temperatures during spraying and heated cure cycle to process jobs quickly.

PRO Series Paint Mixing Room

Add a listed pre-fabricated paint mixing room that meets all necessary codes*. Either attached or standalone.

* Meeting all regulations is not guaranteed. Final approval of location of mixing room and application of codes and regulations on site are up to the local inspector and the authority having jurisdiction.



A high velocity air jet nozzle system designed to flash off waterborne coatings in a fraction of the time. The Accudraft Xcelerator can nearly double finishing speeds overnight, turning any new or existing spray booth into a high performance machine.

IRT Handheld Infrared Dryer

The IRT handheld dryer is a great addition to any finishing system. Dry spot jobs and hard-to-reach places in a snap.

Accudraft Infrared Curing Handheld Unit

IRT Hyperion Rail Mounted Short Wave Infrared Drying System

Reach just about anywhere on any job. High, low, side panel, top panel. It’s all the same to the IRT Hyperion rail system. Simply slide the adjustable arm anywhere you need it along the length of the booth or prep area and position the arm at the best angle to dry your job. The Hyperion will take it from there.

Accudraft Infrared Curing Rail Mounted System