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This one REALLY depends. The more performance you have in a paint booth, the more energy it will use to get the job done. Heat and airflow are just a matter of physics and if you want something out of the booth fast, it’s going to take some energy to do it. That said, newer paint booths are able to do what old ones did with almost half the energy costs. This isn’t Accudraft saying that we break the laws of physics, it’s just saying that EFFICIENCY has gone up tremendously over the years. Key things like heat recycle, direct fire heat, variable frequency drives, and plc/computerized paint booth controls have quietly revolutionized the cost of operation of a paint booth. If you have an old heated paint booth without any of the features mentioned above, you owe it to yourself to look at either a new paint booth or paint booth upgrades that can change your world. You could be saving THOUSANDS every year. Maybe even tens of thousands depending on your level of production and how outdated your original booths are.