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Great question and IT DEPENDS.

Installing the paint booth itself can be done in a matter of days. What is most important to remember with this question is the same thing we have said before. A paint booth installation is a PROJECT. The time that is most consumed with the installation of a compliant paint booth is the contractor work AROUND the booth itself. If your installing a downdraft paint booth for example, you need to get rolling on permits months ahead of time, once you have the green light, you need to put some time aside to dig the pit out and let concrete set again, then the paint booth comes in and gets put together for a few days, then the electric on the booth is done, now that the paint booth is installed and ready for services, you can bring in your services such as electrical service, gas, air piping, then you can bring in your duct contractor to put the ductwork in and then your fire suppression system needs to be installed. After everything is ready, then you can fire up the booth and call for inspection. The order of these things can change depending on the permits for paint booths in your city. Some of these may also overlap in time but in general, you can see what is involved in putting in a new paint booth. Just to give you an idea from an insider’s point of view. Accudraft has been producing and installing paint booths for over 35 years and never has one installation gone exactly the same. It will DEPEND ON YOU. Managing the installation of a paint booth is where all the time will be gained or lost. We have seen it ALL go down in a week soup to nuts, and we’ve also seen it take months. Biggest recommendation: One person is wearing the project manager hat when you install a new paint booth. It’s going to be you or someone else if they are doing a turn-key project for you. There is no in between. Staying on top of the various steps of the project will make it a breeze. Not doing so will make something simple turn into a difficult project. See our post on installing a paint booth to get familiar with the project.