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Most reputable manufacturers will provide ductwork with their machines or leave it as an option if the buyer or the paint booth distributor doing the project has a source for ductwork. Long story short, yes you need to provide ductwork for your paint booth. The question really is who you get it from. You need exhaust duct and if you are going to heat your paint booth, you will need intake ductwork. There are several rules and codes for ductwork that need to be observed in the paint booth installation process. Make sure that all of those things are considered when you purchase or have the installer purchase the materials. A qualified installer or paint booth distributor will know exactly what he needs to get the job done and meet all necessary codes. The number one gripe we hear about duct work in regards to projects is that some extra duct was needed to get the job done or offsets were needed after the fact to get out of the building where needed. No matter what your duct budget is, always plan for a little more just in case. Again a qualified installer or paint booth distributor will do all of this for you including calculations that allow for some flexibility. They are seasoned sailors and will make this part of the job look easy.