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You know we think Accudraft is hands down the best paint booth on the market. We put a lot of time and effort into making a great long-lasting product that is head and shoulders above the rest. If you’re looking for a paint booth, definitely take a look at Accudraft, we have tons of different models that range in performance and price depending on what you need.

Ok, we’re off our soap box… Most people are looking for a brand name here and certainly there are some good brands out there.

The best paint booth is….. IT DEPENDS. The answer is that the best paint booth is the one that is right for you and it boils down to the one that you can answer YES to the most on the following list:

  • Does it have the features I need?
  • Does it have features geared toward serviceability afterwards?
  • Is there a reputable company with many years in business behind the product
  • Is there a network of professionals around the country and in my area that can help me when I have a problem?
  • Is it UL/ETL listed
  • Does the company provide installation?
  • Does the machine have a warranty
  • Am I going to get the throughput/cycle time I need from this paint booth
  • Is it a direct fire heated paint booth
  • Does the paint booth have VFD’s (variable frequency drives)
  • Does the paint booth control panel talk to the vfd’s to move less or more air?
  • Does it have a standby or economy mode when no spraying is being performed
  • Does it have heat recycle of 80% or more?

If these answers are all yes, then you should consider the product.