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Basically anywhere. There are tons of online retailers, there are used booths on sites like craigslist, there are catalogue booths that get drop shipped to your door. What’s most important about this question and we cannot stress it enough: Be very careful about assuming that buying a paint booth and assembling it in your shop is going to meet code and pass permits. Nothing could be further from the truth. People like to look at a paint booth cabin and say “there it is, I have a paint booth. I’m compliant if anyone comes and inspects my shop.” Wrong.

The #1 recommendation Accudraft gives its clients is to buy from a reputable source. A company that has been doing it a long time and a company that has distributors and professionals to help you through the project. Installing a paint booth is not IN ANY WAY like installing any other piece of equipment in your shop. By definition, it’s a tool and it gets wrapped up in the conversation with other tools. If you treat it that way, or worse, if a possible vendor treats it that way, it will become a problem. You must treat the addition of a paint booth in your shop more like putting and addition onto your building rather than buying a frame rack or two-post lift and bolting it to the floor. There are permits involved, services like electric and gas/fuel, duct stacks, zones that are classified as ok or not ok for spraying, percentages of your floor space that are allowed by code to be allotted for a paint and finishing. A paint booth is a PROJECT, not a TOOL.

  • Where can I buy a paint booth? Anywhere.
  • Where can I find a company that makes a paint booth and has professionals in my area to install it and ensure a successful project that gets finished promptly and lets my shop rise to the next level? Only a few places.

Before you buy, do your homework!