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Yes. This is one of the most common questions and we can’t believe that it’s #9 on the list. You need a permit to replace a paint booth. Or at the very least, you need to open the door for your town to approve it. It may seem counter-productive, but what is really counter-productive is getting stopped mid-project. You can spend some time doing your homework with your town and spend a few thousand in order to save yourself a disaster later on if you get stopped while installing a paint booth. The fact of the matter is that paint booths nowadays are probably much different than the paint booth you are trying to replace. Local authorities need to see paperwork on the new paint booth, they need to see UL or ETL listings and certifications on the paint booth, they need to see if your layout is safe, they need to be sure there are no new structures outside your building and they need to analyze in general what has changed since the last paint booth was permitted.