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This is naturally the most fundamental question with no direct answer.


There are a lot of variations to a finishing system, e.g., size, heat, galvanized or dual skin, drive through or pull-in / back-out etc., to take into consideration. Facility applications and expectations in their finishing system also differ. With the abundance of varying options and standards available online the central question you should ask yourself is “What type of booth is right for my facility?” From this focal point you can gather a quick starting point for needed interests and desires.


A very large portion of booth cost is associated with project execution; the work that needs to be completed before and after the finishing system is installed. These ancillary costs include permits, fire suppression, ductwork for proper ventilation, electrical services, gas or fuel feeds, and possible concrete work. One of the best ways to determine finishing system cost is to speak with an experienced sales representative or contractor. You can also reach out to someone who has recently purchased a system. The automotive community is a great outlet for receiving finishing system experiences.


What is most important overall is to not be deceived by saving on budget. Confirm with the vendor that they will achieve your goals in acquiring their equipment. Any finishing system is an investment and you want to ensure every dollar gets spent wisely for the betterment of your facility in the immediate and future expectation.