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Top 4 Accudraft Paint Booths of 2020

Top 4 Accudraft Paint Booths of 2020

Top 4 Accudraft Paint Booths of 2020 940 788 Leading Paint Booth Company | Paint Booths For Sale


Despite the challenges of the last year, Accudraft was able to continue to serve our clients. From collision centers to trains and buses, our team efficiently solved operational problems with our exceptional service and equipment. Accudraft paint booths were designed for each client to meet and exceed their needs. Here are the top four installations of 2020 to inspire you in 2021.

1. Utah Transit Authority

After coordinating with Scott Terry and Steve Bolton (owner and salesman of Rocky Mountain Lifts, a distributor for Accudraft), UTA chose a TX paint system. It features a large cabin and shadowless interior design, engineered specifically to address UTA’s concerns with lighting. It also includes a heated cure cycle and electronic temperature and humidity controls for more customization than UTA’s previous system could offer. Energy recovery was also incorporated in the new system, whereby the heated booth expels exhaust air into an energy recovery unit. Rocky Mountain Lifts was able to provide local support to UTA during the construction process and continued service after the booth was commissioned.

2. Diehl Auto: Collision Center

The Diehl Collision Center is a busy shop that works on various makes, models, and sizes of vehicles, which meant they needed different equipment to accommodate all of their customers. Accudraft supplied Diehl’s with a Titan Downdraft Paint Booth, a Titan Alto to help accommodate sprinter vans, a mixing room, and a Prep 5000 Station while Steve Steighner of API Distributor in Butler, PA handled the professional installation and setup. The two booths allowed Diehl Auto to take on more jobs and complete them quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction. Including the mix room and prep station created a safe and compliant space where technicians could mix paint, store equipment, wash guns, and work on additional vehicles that are in need of limited finishing. The prep station is a free-standing area that is big enough to accommodate large vehicles and provides additional space so multiple jobs can be completed simultaneously.

3. Gross & Son Paint & Body

To enhance and complete the Gross & Son Paint & Body shop, Accudraft provided four ITALIA downdraft paint booths along with a professional paint mixing room. The ITALIA is Accudraft’s flagship downdraft paint booth system that is specifically designed for high production—ideal for a leading shop with more than 70 years of industry experience. The ITALIA features a strong airflow and super-fast curing speeds, which makes it a perfect addition to a shop that works with auto body and collision repair. A mix room completes the set up at the Gross auto shop, providing a compliant and clean area for paint mixing and storage. The expansive facility is now equipped to handle numerous jobs at once with an abundance of space and the ultimate tools for staff to quickly perform high-quality jobs.

4. Honey Creek Collision & Custom Paint

To help Honey Creek Collision prepare for their new facility, Accudraft provided two TITAN paint booths and a mix room. The TITAN is a large paint booth that is specifically designed to boost productivity in a body shop that turns over a large number of jobs on a regular basis. It also is designed to maximize efficiency in a busy environment by reusing a majority of the heated air that it produces. Since Honey Creek Collision specializes in custom painting and collision repair, they also opted to include regulation paint mixing rooms in their new facility to provide a dedicated, well-ventilated area for paint mixing and additional storage for tools.

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