Bus Painting: The Importance of Paint Booths and Prep Areas

Bus painting operations are quite unique, as achieving high-quality paint and finish jobs on a large vehicle can be a challenge. However, specialized paint booths and prep areas can make bus finishing applications contamination-free. With the right amount of lighting and airflow, paired with a clean environment, buses or motor homes can achieve a high-performance finish.

The Accudraft TX Truck Paint Booth

To attain the above conditions, consider investing in the Accudraft TX Truck Paint Booth. Its large-sized cabin with a shadowless lighting design will allow you to paint buses and other large equipment in a controlled environment. No matter the type of buses you service, the TX booth can be engineered according to your specific needs. Accudraft can take care of this booth’s design, installation, and servicing, allowing your team to focus on painting more buses per day.

Pro Tip: Install an Integrated Man Lift System

The TX Truck Paint Booth is pre-engineered to accept an integrated man lift system. This system allows for seamless maneuvers around large vehicles with joystick controls. Masking, prepping, touch-ups, and painting will be more efficient all-around. If your business isn’t ready for this additional upgrade just yet, the man lift system can be added at any given time after booth installation—even years later.

Is a Prep Area Necessary?

Many operations focus on perfecting their paint booth and may disregard the importance of a prep area. However, the intricacy of bus designs makes a prep station essential for paint preparation, priming, and sanding operations. For buses, the Accudraft Pro Series Prep Station is an excellent option, as it’s well-lit and provides a clean environment.

How Accudraft Can Help Bus Painting Operations

Accudraft is well-versed in offering the best solutions for bus painting operations. For example, the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) made the smart decision to work with Accudraft and install a TX paint system. Now, they are able to:

  • Reduce cure time
  • Increase production throughout the paint process
  • Lower daily operating costs
  • Achieve a higher CFM through the better filtration system
  • Monitor booth operations, including airflow and bake cycles

If you’re looking for bus painting solutions, contact Accudraft. Our sales engineer team is ready to discuss custom solutions and designs that fit your operations.