5 Reasons Your Facility Needs Spray Booth Cleaning Services

Without routine maintenance and cabin cleaning, a number of disastrous events can occur throughout the finishing process. The booth can malfunction or break down, airflow can be disrupted, and spraying applications can be contaminated, to name a few. Here is a closer look at five reasons your facility needs spray booth cleaning services.

1. Flawless Spray Applications

Airflow issues mean the booth cannot breathe right. This disrupts the booth’s draft, causing overspray to fall on unintended objects or areas. It can also cause the booth to improperly purge contamination between spray applications, allowing dust and debris to fall on an item’s surface.

2. Avoid Malfunctions and Breaks

The internal mechanics, such as air handling components and unique filtration, need to be kept running smoothly to avoid system malfunctions and breaks. This maintenance service can include a mechanical component examination and servicing, filter replacement, light fixture inspection, and bulb and ballast replacement.

3. Keep Your Booth Clean Inside and Out

Cleaning the booth inside and out will help keep operations running smoothly, including filters, air makeup units, and the cabin itself. Spray booth cleaning should be professionally completed at least once a year. It’ll ensure your booth looks as good as it did the day it was installed.

4. Preserve System Consistency and Longevity

Regular maintenance is necessary to preserve a finishing system’s consistency and longevity. This will maintain the equipment in its most efficient state and at peak performance. Further, routine maintenance can help extend your equipment’s life and get the most out of its performance.

5. Prevent Future Repairs

A thorough physical inspection of a finishing system and an equipment tune-up can help prevent future repairs. At Accudraft, every inspection comes with a comprehensive plan detailing suggestions on how to continue servicing your paint booth and what repairs may be needed.

Accudraft Cleaning and Maintenance Plans

Whether you have Accudraft equipment or another manufacturer, we offer custom maintenance plans that are specifically tailored for your facility. We are here to support your business and future by keeping your finishing system running at top efficiency. Contact us online to schedule maintenance, cleaning, or an inspection.