Streamline Operations with These 6 Paint Booth Accessories

Businesses should always be on the lookout for ways to cut costs, increase productivity and efficiency, and improve quality. In paint shops specifically, additions that reduce waste and increase output are essential to streamline operations. To do so, check out these six paint booth accessories.

1. Integrated Man Lift System

For big paint jobs, seamless maneuvers around large trucks, buses, and rail cars are essential. With joystick controls, an integrated man lift system eliminates the need for scaffolds, ladders, or other time-consuming methods. Masking, prepping, touch-ups, and painting will be more efficient all-around.

2. Paint Booth Parts Hanger

A parts hanger can easily be installed within your paint booth for quick parts painting. Their adjustable racks will make positioning parts extremely convenient, while sturdy construction will ensure the pieces stay in place. This is an excellent addition, especially for automotive repair shops.

3. Heat Reclaim System

While a heat reclaim system may not be ideal for every paint booth setup, it can certainly help applicable systems. The colder your weather, the more you will save—meaning facilities in Northern and Midwest US and Canada will benefit the most. Since paint booth heat reclaim is engineered for recovering fuel costs, facilities with large finishing systems can also minimize operational costs by maximizing heating efficiency. To learn if your operations can benefit from a heat reclaim system, contact Accudraft.

4. The Xcelerator

The Xcelerator is a waterborne paint drying system that, on average, cuts base coat dry times in half. It provides higher energy efficiency and faster curing times, allowing more vehicles to be serviced per day. This accessory is perfect for automotive collision centers and can be installed in a new or existing finishing system.

5. Handheld Infrared Dryer

The best way to maximize efficiency is to ensure your facility can handle any size job in the best possible way. For example, for a spot job on a car, running your entire heating system is extremely unnecessary and a waste of resources. Instead, invest in a handheld infrared dryer. They’re also excellent at drying hard to reach areas.

6. LED Lighting

If your booth is not using LED lighting, consider upgrading as soon as possible. It will maximize brightness in the workspace and pay for itself in energy efficiency. Especially on large booths, such as for trucks, daylight corrected LED lighting is crucial. The best part is LED bulbs can go into any existing fixture, so you won’t have to dish out additional part costs.

Contact Accudraft to Learn More About Paint Booth Accessories

To install any of the above paint booth accessories, contact Accudraft. Many of our accessories are compatible with non-Accudraft made paint booths as well. Our team will be able to pair your finishing system with the best upgrade to reach your production goals.

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