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Understanding Paint Booth Heat Recovery

Don’t waste the 75-80 degrees you’ve created for spray and cure temperature. Understand how Accudraft’s heat reclaim system returns the energy you’ve already paid to produce.


Built For Cold Weather

The colder your weather, the more you will save. Heating cold air to 75 or 80 degrees for proper spray temperature is not cheap. Reclaim what you’ve already paid for and re-heat your incoming air. Northern US and Midwest states and Canada benefit the most from adding heat recovery to a paint booth.

Paint Booth Heat Recovery For Paint Booths in the US and Canada

Built For Big Paint Booths

Paint booth heat reclaim was engineered for recovering fuel costs. Heating a lot of CFM to 75 or 80 degrees in the spray phase is expensive, especially on truck paint booths and large industrial paint booth applications. The bigger the booth, the more you should consider heat reclaim.

Fast ROI

Return on investment is a no-brainer. Average cost of the heat reclaim is anywhere from $8000 – $12,000. With average savings, heat reclaim will pay for itself quickly. The bigger the booth, the colder the weather, and the more you use your paint booth, the faster your ROI. Expressed calculations are examples only and are not guaranteed.