3 Finishing Equipment Pieces Your Window Design Process May Be Missing

Window manufacturing is certainly not a one-size-fits-all production. This means window finishing equipment should be as unique as the design and manufacturing process. As many window facilities offer design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation services, operations should be streamlined to increase production rates.

In recent years, custom window design has seen a significant uptick in demand, including size, shape, and color. To run operations more efficiently, consider these three types of finishing equipment for window design.

Open Face Booth

An open face booth, which is a partially enclosed work area, is excellent for prepping and sanding window parts. The walls and ceiling provide a clean space to prepare the window parts for spraying. Interior lighting enhances visibility and reduces shadows, so you never miss a spot.

Enclosed Paint Cabin

An entirely enclosed cabin is perfect for spraying and painting window parts. With dedicated product entry doors and personnel doors, access to the space is easy. Heat and configured airflow can also be added, depending on what your window finishing process needs.

Crane and Conveyor System

A crane hoist system will make painting heavy window parts hassle-free, as it will allow you to easily move and maneuver around parts. A conveyor belt for your product assembly line can make painting efficient and increase production rates. However, the best use of these two systems will be a custom option for your distinct assembly process.

Custom Finishing Equipment for Custom Window Design

Accudraft can help you develop a solution based on your window manufacturing plant’s size and the type of windows being manufactured. For our client Skyline Windows, we installed a custom booth system that increased productivity, efficiency, and workflow, leading to highly satisfied clients.

Our industrial booths are designed specifically for projects that require lifting via a hoisted system or use tunnels. With in-house engineers and manufacturing, we provide freedom and flexibility to configure your window design production process. Contact our team to learn more about our custom window design solutions.

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