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Complying with EPA Regulations for Paint Booths

Spray applied coating operations need to comply with regulations enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These cost-efficient guidelines come from NESHAP 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart HHHHHH, or more commonly referred to as NESHAP 6H. They are meant to reduce air emissions from spray finishing and refinishing facilities. To run an efficient facility, follow these EPA regulations for paint booths.

Train and certify all painters.

Painters must be trained if they are applying spray coatings. Training includes:

  • Spray gun equipment selection, set up, and operation
  • Paint booth or spray area maintenance, including filter selection, installation, and replacement
  • Spray techniques to minimize paint usage
  • Environmental compliances, such as reducing air emissions

Install and operate a filter system.

All spray booths, stations, and enclosures must have a filter system with at least 98% capture efficiency.

Enclose and ventilate the spray area.

Spray areas for motor vehicles and mobile equipment must have a full roof and four walls or side curtains. They also need to either operate at negative pressure or have an automatic pressure balancing system operated up to 0.05 inches water gauge positive pressure.

Spray areas for vehicle parts need a full roof, three walls or side curtains, and proper ventilation so air can be drawn into the area. The roof and walls may have an opening for a conveyor system.

Follow suitable spray gun usage.

Coatings must be applied with a reduced air emission spray gun. These may include a high volume, low pressure (HVLP), electrostatic, airless, or air-assisted airless gun.

Practice proper spray gun cleaning.

When cleaning the spray guns, a solvent mist must not be created outside the container. A fully enclosed automatic gun wash system is the best method to protect employee health. However, hand cleaning of a disassembled gun, flushing a gun with solvent, or a combination of non-atomizing methods is also acceptable.

Keep records and send reporting.

The EPA requires recordkeeping and reporting as part of their requirements.

Records to keep:

  • Copies of notifications submitted to the EPA
  • Painter training certifications
  • Spray booth filter efficiency documentation
  • Spray gun transfer efficiency
  • Paint logs, including hours of operation and specific paint usage rates

Reports to deliver:

  • Initial notification to inform the EPA that your facility needs to comply with the standards and when it will be in compliance
  • Notice of compliance that certifies your facility complies with the EPA requirements
  • Annual notification of changes report

For further information on complying with paint booth EPA regulations, contact Accudraft. We can ensure your spray area is up to air emission, employee health, and spray application standards.