Large Capacity Paint Booths Can Handle Even the Biggest Jobs

Generally speaking, when shop owners think of Accudraft Paint Booths they think cars. However, we manufacture paint booths of all sizes and styles, even custom booths to handle even the biggest jobs. From planes, to trains, to heavy-duty construction equipment, we have an Accudraft paint booth for it.

Accudraft Industrial Paint Booths

How do those giant cranes get painted before they go to the market? Most people have no idea. Some of the best companies in the world use a high-powered industrial sized paint booth. Fortunately we sell Accudraft industrial paint booths in various sizes to accommodate any need.

We have customers from a wide variety of industries, some with very specific needs for their paint booths. It is our job to design and manufacture our Accudraft Paint Booths to those exact specifications. The reason so many industrial firms turn to us is because we get it right every time and no other paint booth company offers our quality and uniform finish.

Accudraft Aerospace Paint Booths

Private plane owners and independent aircraft operators can’t just pull up to any old garage and have their airplanes painted. That’s where we come in. At Accudraft Paint Booths we build the highest quality hangar inserts in the world equipped with the most advanced paint booth technology on the market.

Our Accudraft aircraft paint booths create the perfect temperature for painting and curing aircraft. Smart system controls keep the air quality regulated, overspray at a minimum, and airflow unobstructed. This allows for jobs to be completed faster and with a consistently higher quality finish.

Whether you are painting, repairing, or refinishing airplanes or large airplane parts, we can custom build your paint booth to meet your own specific needs as well as to comply with all regulatory agencies. From helicopters, to small commuter planes, to large 747s, we can build an aircraft paint booth big enough to fit your needs.

Accudraft Truck Paint Booths

Perhaps our most versatile large capacity paint booth is our Accudraft truck paint booth. These paint booths offer solutions for both private and public entities. Because our truck paint booths are used to house many different types of large vehicles, cities and states use us for their city vehicles. Private fleet owners use us for their cabs and limos.

Whatever your industry, our truck paint booths are made for large capacity operations that are somewhere between a vehicle and between a 747. Some of the large vehicles other than trucks that fit nicely within our truck booths include:

  • Buses
  • RVs
  • Railway Cars
  • Subways
  • Trolleys
  • Tanks

The quality of our products is unmatched. Our technology is unparalleled and our dedication to providing paint booth operators with affordable options has made us a leader in our industry.

Accudraft Custom Paint Booths

In addition to our standard large capacity paint booths, we are also pleased to build custom paint booths when you need something other than what we have available. No matter how big you need your paint booth to be or the specifications it needs to meet, our team is made up of experienced paint booth professionals and engineers.

There is no industry or job that we have ever had to turn away in our 35+ years in the business. Let us know what you need and we will develop a plan to make it happen. You can speak to one of our distributors about your specific needs. They can help answer your questions and give you a detailed quote for your custom paint booth.

Take a Look at Our Large Capacity Paint Booths

If you have ever seen a large capacity paint booth then you know why they are not easy to come by. Our aircraft paint booths are the size of a regular airplane hangar! For customers who use multiple large capacity paint booths, their garage can end up spreading out over acres.

Handing over your trust to just anybody when your clients include state governments and multi-national corporations is not good for business. You need the type of paint finish that looks like your large vehicles, aircraft, or equipment just rolled off the assembly line.

At Accudraft we are the only paint booth manufacturers that guarantee that you get that type of quality from our paint booths. If you are in the market for a large capacity paint booth there is no company with a better reputation than ours.

Take a look around our gallery at some of our Accudraft Paint Booths in action. Then give us a call to learn more about purchasing your own large capacity paint booth from Accudraft today.