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Accudraft was established in 1977 and has since been known as a leader in the refinishing industry that provides clients with the highest quality paint booths, mixing rooms, prep stations and accessories. Accudraft products consistently go above and beyond industry standards and exceed customer expectations. While the featured products are outstanding, each booth or station can be specifically customized in size or features to meet specific product needs and challenges.

Accudraft Paint Booths

Titan: The Titan is a high-powered downdraft paint booth designed for any waterborne facility. The Titan delivers direct airflow and heat specifications to speed up the entire process and increase productivity. All models are offered standard with the EnergySmart package for ultimate energy savings.

XL: The XL is a downdraft paint booth designed for the high-flow collision repair center. It comes standard with a make up air system, which includes rapid metal temperature technology. This speeds up the baking process and creates truly flawless finishes.

Italia: The Italia is Accudraft’s leading downdraft paint booth designed for high production. The Italia has an unbeatable reputation for speed and durability and is the most popular paint booth on the market.

MX: The MX is a semi-downdraft model, which does not require much concrete work. This is a great option for a shop on a budget looking for a starter paint booth that can be heavily upgraded in the future.

Ventus: The Ventus is a downdraft booth specially designed for start-up facilities that require basic finishing technology. The Ventus is designed as a starter kit and it can be upgraded with various Accudraft add-ons such as heat units, waterborne air jets and energy saving systems.

SS: The SS is specially designed for shops with limited space. Installation is fast and easy and the booth can effortlessly be upgraded in the future.

TX: The TX is the go-to spray booth for large equipment and truck refinishing services. These units are made in custom sizes and can carry various options and features.

Parts stations: Accudraft also offers small parts paint stations, which are the perfect solution for working on parts that are too small for a full size paint booth, but still require professional spraying.

Prep Stations

Accudraft offers three prep stations – the Magnum, Prep4000 and Prep3000. Each station is designed to limit contamination and allow operators to sand and prep a vehicle before it is sent into the paint booths. Each prep station can also easily be transformed into a paint booth with the addition of specific curtains.

Mix Rooms

A mixing room is vital to the functionality of a collision repair shop or refinishing facility. These rooms are specifically designed to control contamination and remove harmful fumes that are emitted during the mixing process. A paint mixing room contains spills, keeps your paint supply fresh and organized and allows operators to efficiently move between paint jobs in order to increase productivity.


While all Accudraft products go above and beyond average standards, there are numerous accessories you can outfit your units with that are meant to help you make more money and increase efficiency within the workspace. The SmartPad control panel, EnergySmart energy saving unit, Xcelerator waterborne paint drying system, heat air make up units and other accessories will help you and your team produce better quality work at a faster pace.

Accudraft is truly the best in the industry and will provide you with the tools necessary to establish, build and run a successful business. Connect with a representative today to learn more about the company, the products and the prices.

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