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Short on Finances? Here’s How Accudraft Can Help You Finance Your Paint Booth

There’s an old Spanish saying, “Lo barato sale caro,” which is basically equivalent to our American saying, “You get what you pay for.” When you want the best results for your paint finishes there is simply no contest, Accudraft Paint Booths are the best but often the more expensive choice.

That said we do have financing options available that make owning the best paint booth in town much more affordable. Here is what you need to know about financing your Accudraft Paint Booth.

A Smart Investment

When you decide to buy a paint booth for your garage or body shop, it is not a short-term solution. For an investment that can run you anywhere from $5K all the way up to $100K you want to make sure that you are buying a product that is built to last.

Accudraft Paint Booths last for decades. And because all of our products can be easily upgraded with our latest features and additions, your paint booth never becomes outdated. As a long-term strategy investing in a top of the line paint booth just makes good financial sense over the long term.

Paying for Quality is the Right Choice

You could find a paint booth cheaper than the ones that we sell at Accudraft. In fact, you could go on e-bay and find a used paint booth at auction for just a few hundred dollars. But with all of the things that can go wrong with a paint booth do you really want to take your chances on a potentially hazardous paint booth.

Paying for quality is the right choice for many reasons. You avoid having to spend thousands of dollars each year to constantly replace broken down compressors or worn out fans. You don’t have to spring for a brand new paint booth just to have our newest features added on.

While we readily admit that there are cheaper options out there, it is without question that we believe that when you pay for quality, you get back more than you invest. Plus, when you factor in what you get out of our products, you will find that our prices are extremely competitive.

Financing Options from Accudraft

Just like financing a car or furniture, we offer qualified buyers financing options to help you afford to own an Accudraft Paint Booth. We factor in all of your business financials and your track record to determine if you are qualified for financing.

Understanding The Process

Once your application for credit is received you will hear from us by the next business day to let you know if your application was approved and if not what other steps you could take. If your application is approved, we will send you a financing agreement to be reviewed and signed.

The agreement will include the amount of money you have been approved for, what equipment you are purchasing, and your approved installment agreement. You can apply for financing for part or all of the cost of your Accudraft Paint Booth.

Once the agreement is fully executed our team gets to work right away producing your new Accudraft Paint Booth and or accessories. Whether you are financing one paint booth or several plus accessories, our sales team is here to answer any questions you may have and can give you a detailed quote upon request.

Prices Made to Meet Our Customers’ Needs

Since our very beginning it has been our goal to create the industry’s best Accudraft Paint Booths. We have achieved that goal and we did it by also making sure that our products were priced to meet all of our customers’ needs including their financial needs.

We know that buying an Accudraft Paint Booth is a big investment particularly for small and mid-sized shops. However, the improvement in productivity, efficiency, and the overall quality of your service far outweighs the $5K to $100K investment it will take to own our Accudraft Paint Booths.

Be On the Lookout for Promotional Discounts

In addition to our regular competitive pricing and financing options, we will often announce a new promotional incentive. For instance recently we offered a two year zero interest financing option for our qualified customers.

If you follow us here and on Facebook you will be the first to know when our next promotional opportunities will come up. To learn more about Accudraft or to discuss your specific financing options, contact us today.

Are you Ready to Finance your Accudraft Paint Booth?

Accudraft is the only place where can you get optimal features in a paint booth made from our exclusive product line of high-quality paint booths and accessories. You can transform your shop in no time with Accudraft Paint Booths. Contact us now to see how our products can help your business.

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