Find Success with Accudraft Paint Booths

Any of our customers could tell you just how durable our Accudraft Paint Booths are. Still, as each year goes by, we keep improving the performance and functionality of our paint booths to provide our customers with unparalleled options and upgrades.

To ensure our past customers can take advantage of these advancements, many of our upgrades can be added to old units to provide you with the same increase in function without having to replace your entire paint booth. This is just of the ways we take care of our loyal repeat customers. What’s more, we often find that our customers see such a great return on investment with their paint booths that they often end up purchasing additional units or support equipment.

Our repeat customers find success with Accudraft Paint Booths, and for great reasons! Take, for example, one of our favorite repeat customers, Dynasty Auto Body in NJ. They purchased their first Accudraft Paint Booth years ago and have never looked back. Now that they are updating their shop, they have once again come to us for help.

Dynasty Auto Body Shop is Updating Their Operation with Accudraft

Dynasty Auto Body, a New Jersey paint and body shop in business since 2001, has been growing its business for years using top of the line Accudraft Paint Booths. Today, the shop is undergoing an expansion, and Accudraft is there to help.

Not only will Dynasty Auto Body continue using their original Accudraft Paint Booth, which is still highly functional and performs numerous jobs each day, they’re adding to their fleet of equipment. As you can see, they’ve installed a new Accudraft XL unit with extended height. This is something you won’t see in most other shops, and is quite unique to the Accudraft brand.

Solving the Space Issue

To expand the space allotted in their garage, they have moved the air makeup unit outside. As you can see from the photos, they are not losing any business with this expansion. While they are installing their upgrades, their old unit keeps on powering the cars through and the installation of the outdoor air makeup unit keeps business flowing inside the garage. This is one of the benefits of choosing outdoor paint booth options exclusively from Accudraft.

Because our Accudraft XL Paint Booths come in both an outdoor version and an indoor version, Dynasty Auto Body – and any customer – has many options for solving any space issues they may have. Their enclosed paint booths can operate indoors, while the outdoor air makeup unit improves airflow without taking up space inside.

Accessories that Add More Power

By choosing to upgrade with an Accudraft XL Paint Booth, Dynasty Auto Body automatically benefits from the Air Makeup Unit. It is versatile because it can be used indoors or outdoors, it operates as a standalone unit, and offers:

  • 50/50 Fresh Air Recirculation
  • Between 1.2 and 2.5 Million BTUs per Hour (Direct Fire)
  • 10,000 and 14,000 CFM Units
  • EnergySmart VFD Package
  • Pushbutton Controls
  • SmartPad Touch
  • And Uses Both Fired Oil or Gas/Propane Heat

Still, at Accudraft Paint Booths we offer many accessories that add more power to your paint booth. For example, our high speed Xcelerator jet drying system cuts drying and curing times in half, as well as improves the quality of paint finishes.

Our energy efficient accessories save you both time and money by reducing costs while increasing power. We offer Energy Efficient Motors, EnergySmart VFDs, and EnergySmart air filtration systems.

These accessories help you to provide your customers with the best paint finishes in less time than any other shop in the area. Moreover, they provide for a much safer work environment for your employees.

A Winning Body Shop

This is just a taste of what our products can do for your body shop. All of our products can be customized to fit your particular garage. Even if you are working with little free space, we offer prep stations, mixing rooms, and paint booths for body shops both large and small.

If you are operating a small operation, we offer standalone Accudraft KD Air Makeup Units that offer maximum power and efficient finishes without installing a complete paint booth. If your garage is cramped, we have outdoor weatherproof solutions that can help.

Maybe you have been contemplating making some changes to your body shop but aren’t sure which way to go. If that is the case, give us a call to find out how we can create the winning support equipment you need to be successful.