Accudraft Air Make Up Unit

Even with the best paint booths, there are always ways to increase the power and effectiveness with add-ons and upgrades. Accudraft Paint Booths offer you everything you need to get outstanding results. We even go the extra mile to help our clients working within a tight budget to be able to afford Accudraft power for their paint booths.

When you are deciding to upgrade, you have to consider which accessories work best for your business. For instance, for paint booth operators who see a high volume of business, our Accudraft Paint Booths are designed to give you the safest and most efficient paint finish possible.

Now we are introducing our new Accudraft KD Air Makeup Units for those of you who operate a small business. When you want maximum results, the Air Makeup Unit by Accudraft Paint Booths is just another way that we are helping you improve your business.

Upgrading Your Paint Booth

We offer many accessories that help you to upgrade your system and give it new life. Each of our accessories deals with different areas of the paint booth process. Take for example the curing system. Even with the standard drying systems within the paint booth, high volume businesses benefit from these accessories that speed up drying times:

• Advanced Cross Draft Finishing System
• Accudraft Xcelerator Waterborne Paint Drying System
• Accudraft Timeless Integrating Heating System
• And Energy Efficient Motor System

All of these upgrades are designed to give you more power, improve your customer service, and – ultimately – increase your effectiveness. Adding a prep station or mixing room, a parts station, EnergySmart VFDs, or any of our other products have helped countless paint booth operators ramp up the quality of their work. Now we add to our incredible line of top-quality products the new Accudraft Air Makeup Units.

Why Upgrade with New Air Makeup Units from Accudraft?

First, before we even discuss why Accudraft Makeup Units, you should understand what these units do. Air Makeup Units are accessories that typically help to improve the heating ability of your paint booth. They are able to be used outside or inside, and can be operated independently of your paint booth. Our original standalone paint booth Air Makeup Units offered:

• 50/50 fresh air recirculation
• Between 1.2 and 2.5 million BTUs per hour (Direct Fire)
• 10,000 and 14,000 CFM Units
• EnergySmart VFD Package
• Pushbutton Controls
• SmartPad Touch
• And Uses Both Fired Oil or Gas/Propane Heat

Our new Accudraft KD Air Makeup Units comes with all of that and more. The main difference is that unlike a standalone Air Makeup Unit, our Accudraft KD Air Makeup Units are fully integrated into your paint booth system. You get air intake, heat, and exhaust mechanisms all in one machine that can be added to any brand of paint booth.

In addition to many of the features of the standalone Air Makeup Unit, our new Accudraft Air Makeup Units come with several upgrades that make it the perfect solution for businesses that cannot afford a total paint booth replacement including:

• Full Heat Recirculation
• 10,000 to 30,000 CFM Units
• Raised Basement
• Overhead Mechanical Group
• And Indirect Fired Oil or Gas Heating

Both of our Air Makeup Units work with both downdraft and modified downdraft spray booths. Constructed with sturdy galvanized steel covered in industrial strength vinyl you can buy our Air Makeup Units in three different colors: blue textured vinyl exteriors, ultra white vinyl exteriors, or in red.

Could Your Business Benefit from an Accudraft Air Makeup Unit?

When considering upgrading your paint booth with our new Air Makeup unit, make sure that adding it to your operation will meet with the standards required for your industry. We wrote a blog post a month ago about some of the basic codes and standards that are required for most paint booth operators.

Our representatives are able to answer any questions you may have. If you already own a downdraft spray booth but cannot afford a complete replacement, talk to one of our Accudraft Paint Booths sales representatives today to see if your business could benefit from our new Accudraft KD Air Makeup Units.

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