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energy smart

EnergySmart™ VFD Drives can be added on to any spray booth or air makeup system and can save you up to 50% on your electric bill. Traditional spray booths use standard motor startup which causes a spike to almost three times the motor’s operating amperage rating. Power companies charge according to the highest draw from your facility even if it only happens for an instant (sometimes referred to as “Service Factor”). With the EnergySmart™ VFD system, all motors start softly and then ramp up to their target amperage, avoiding the costly initial spike at every startup. The EnergySmart™ VFD package also allows your booth or system to run smarter. Traditional spray booths run all motors at 100% all the time and it is usually the painter’s job to choke or release a damper to keep the right cabin pressure. By adding EnergySmart™ VFD’s and the Accudraft SmartPad™ control panel, dampers are eliminated and the system actually slows down/speeds up your fans to achieve the proper pressure in the booth. This way, your booth is using only the power it needs instead of running full blast and choking the airflow anyway. The EnergySmart™ VFD package can be ordered with any new Accudraft™ product or can be retrofitted to any existing spraybooth regardless of brand.


  • Reduces energy costs by up to 50%
  • Available as an upgrade on any new unit or as a retrofit on an existing unit
  • Automatically balances airflow to maintain optimal cabin pressure
  • Adjusts airflow to compensate for dirty filters
  • Converts single phase to three phase power
  • Standby mode drops booth to idle during prep and masking


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