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Accudraft’s Xcelerator™ is a high speed waterborne paint drying system engineered for both new and existing spray booths. Corner or wall-mounted jet modules supply concentrated air and heat to freshly sprayed waterborne base coats allowing the coating to dry much faster than before. More than just waterborne paint drying fans or ceiling fans, the Xcelerator waterborne paint drying system employs 32 directional and adjustable eyeball air jets for targeted waterborne paint drying. The spray booth’s electrical and gas energy usage is also vastly reduced and flash times are virtually cut in half. Stand blowers and compressed air systems can bleed a facility’s compressor and put a lot of stress on an already maxed-out air system. The Xcelerator has a fully independent air group that does not use the facility’s compressed air. High RPM motors and fans deliver a high rate of airflow through each Xcelerator module. The Xcelerator system may be purchased in several versions: All modules ON/OFF, paired module sets, or fully independent modules where the user can select each module independently depending on the location of the paint job.



  • Add to any new Accudraft™ finishing system
  • Integrates with SmartPad™ controls
  • Universal retrofit to any brand of spray booth
  • Can reduce energy costs by up to 50%
  • 60 inch modules provide full vehicle coverage
  • Non-reflective vinyl coated module construction
  • 2X filtered air delivery system
  • 8 adjustable aluminum jet nozzles per module
  • Automatic doors protect nozzles from overspray
  • Does not use shop compressor air


  • Paired module operation (front/rear or left/right)
  • Fully independent module operation
  • Adjustable jet speed
  • In-booth controls

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