Truck Paint Booths

TX™ Truck Paint Booths: Painting In The Big Leagues

Accudraft-Truck-Booth-San-Francisco-California-739X523If your business is in painting big rigs, then it is very important to create not only the right workspace, but also to design the right work conditions inside your next truck paint booth in order to achieve the level of productivity you are looking for. Accudraft TX™ truck paint booth models are completely customizable. Each facility runs differently and each Accudraft TX truck paint booth is engineered to suit the user’s specific goals. Accudraft truck paint booths are available in a wide variety of sizes and performance features. Accudraft TX truck paint booths also have many available options and accessories that will help maximize the productivity of your new truck paint booth or truck finishing system. Learn more…


Engineered For Painting Trucks & Large Equipment

P1020692Painting trucks, and large equipment is no small task and paint booths engineered for automotive applications just won’t do.  In order to paint and properly finish a larger body, you’re going to need a truck paint booth that is engineered for that specific purpose. Special engineering is needed not only in terms of the structural size of the workspace but also, in terms of the way the finishing system operates. Accudraft TX™ truck paint booths and finishing systems are specifically designed to provide painters with a well-lit high-visibility workspace that flows air properly in order to meet NFPA & OSHA regulations for spray application of flammable, combustible, and toxic materials. The paint booth work space is entirely enclosed and pressurized to ensure that paint overspray is effectively removed from the paint booth and also so dust particles and other contaminants are kept to a minimum within the workspace. This allows the painter to work in a safe and healthy environment within the paint booth while giving him or her the proper conditions create a high-quality finish that does not require extensive buffing, or repainting after the job is done.


Truck paint booths have large doors for moving the vehicle in and out, and the air is kept pressurized. Depending on the type of paint booth, air flow is filtered in from the front of the room or the ceiling and is expelled out through either the rear of the room, the sidewalls or underneath the truck that is being painted.

Keeping truck paint booths clean requires more commitment and work than a smaller paint booth since even the smallest amount of contamination can translate into a major mess on the paint job. The doors of the paint booth must always remain closed and the hoses and paint nozzles should also be regularly cleaned and replaced. In addition, thoroughly clean intake filters should be used for air and the compression system should be checked regularly to make sure that the paint booth operates efficiently.

Custom Paint Booths

Accudraft offers one of the most customizable lines of automotive and truck paint booths in the industry. No matter what kind of paint booth you are looking for – automotive, truck, industrial, large equipment, etc.… – chances are that Accudraft already has something to offer that will fit your needs. If however, you need a specific paint booth with unique features that is not included in Accudraft’s list of products do not stress, because the expert technicians and engineers can assist you no matter how specific your needs are. The manufacturer is committed to meeting the requirements of every customer regardless of how specific a need or request is.

Accudraft’s system designers can build a custom system with special requirements in mind in order to meet and exceed the expectations of every customer. So if you need a special size for your truck paint booth that is not a part of the current models available for sale don’t hesitate to contact an Accudraft representative who can help you design a custom truck paint booth or assist you in finding an alternate solution.

Accudraft Truck Series

The most popular truck paint booth that Accudraft has to offer is the TX High Production Spray Booth. This option is available in custom sizes in order to accommodate to any work you are doing currently or anticipate doing in the future. There are also various extras and upgrades that you can install to your truck paint booth such as additional service doors, catwalks, industrial power waterbone air jet modules, extra wall lights, interior man lift systems and more.

Some of the main characteristics of the truck paint booth are the fully automated smart touch control pads, custom heating systems, industrial strength construction and the energy friendly development, which can reduce your energy costs by up to 50 percent.

The Accudraft truck series is just one of several pieces of outstanding equipment sold by Accudraft, which offers you the flexibility you need to get the right system and paint booth for your shop and business. Accudraft paint booths and the rest of the outstanding equipment continues to improve year and after year and you can rest assured that every Accudraft creation is built to the highest standards and is the highest quality paint booth in the industry. Accudraft truck paint booths are sold across the United States and are among the most highly desirable refinishing products among industry professionals. If you have questions about the Accudraft truck paint booths connect with a representative to learn more about the specifications and pricing for available models as well as for custom booths.