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How Your Auto Body Technician Can Benefit from Paint Booth Training

Cars have seen many design and manufacturing transformations over the past hundred years, including the use of emerging materials and technologies. For example, spray booth systems make collision repair and paint jobs significantly more efficient. After all, repairing, restoring, and customizing make up a successful auto paint shop. You shouldn’t have to turn away customers because your technicians aren’t trained on the latest equipment.

Here’s how your auto body technician can benefit from paint booth training.

  • They’ll be able to take specific courses. Many schools offer part-time enrollment, which means your employees can take only the classes they need. For example, paint safety, refinishing, color-matching, and more. These are all vital courses that can improve a technician’s performance when utilizing finishing equipment.
  • They’ll master flawless painting. With paint booths, it can take just one clogged filter for a job to become compromised. Technicians can be taught how equipment protocols, maintenance routines, and preventative practices to avoid undesired results. Plus, they’ll learn different draft configurations and the ideal painting environment.
  • They’ll get hands-on experience with finishing equipment. Trade schools, such as Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical HS, have up-to-date machinery for students. While your auto paint shop may already have a system in place, your technicians can evaluate if anything is missing from your current operations.
  • They’ll be more accredited and trustworthy. First impressions go a long way when it comes to customer service. Think about how reassured potential clients will feel when they come across your website or shop and see continued education certifications and credentials. Regular employee training will give customers the confidence their car is being handled in the best way possible, with the best equipment.

Why is an Accudraft Paint Booth Ideal for Training?

Accudraft’s paint booths go beyond the industry standard and provide a performance level that will exceed expectations. Our Titan high-powered downdraft booth is loaded with the EnergySmart™ package for ultimate energy savings. Its dual-mode technology allows the system to switch between water-based or solvent-based modes as quickly as your shop’s needs change.

The Titan booth is excellent for training purposes, as it is impeccably clean. Downdraft paint booths pull paint over-spray and contaminants downward and away from the painted object no matter where the painter is spraying. The risk of dust and over-spray contamination in the finish becomes significantly reduced. Also, the painter is in a much healthier and safer environment.

If you’re interested in getting paint booth training for your technicians or equipping your shop with a finishing system, our team is ready to help! Get in touch with us today.