Arm Your RV Repair Shop with a Complete Finishing System

As quarantine guidelines and stay at home orders have halted 2020 summer vacation plans, there’s one travel sector that has seen a surge in sales. Enter the RV industry. Since road trips are the safest way to travel during a pandemic, RVs have seen a tremendous uptick in sales and rentals. They’re perfect for family trips, couple getaways, or solo ventures.

So, how can your RV repair shop be ready for the surge in demand this season? By installing a complete finishing system for your facility!

What Are Your RV Services?

Evaluating your current RV services is an excellent start to determine what kind of finishing equipment you need. Are you performing interior and exterior repairs and upgrades? Do you provide routine maintenance? Other services may include minor mechanical repairs, collision repair, damages caused by severe weather, cleaning and detailing, tune-ups and services for engines and electrical components, and more.

This assessment is also an excellent way to spot any weaknesses in your operations. For example, could you be performing a service more efficiently? Or perhaps you can introduce a new service? Since RVs are used for long road trips, your services must be affordable, of the utmost quality, and dependable.

How Can a Finishing System Help Your RV Repair Shop?

Finishing systems are prefect for collision repairs and customization work.  Spray booths and prep stations create a controlled environment for uncompromised paint jobs. Mix rooms are a great addition to provide ideal conditions for storying spray equipment, paints, and materials as well as a clean, ventilated area to mix coatings and match paint colors.

Not only is a newly installed finishing system optimal for more efficient work, it can also help manage customer demands. With higher RV sales this season, you can expect more customers in need of services, if you’re not already experiencing a surge. Expanding your shop will be necessary to take in more customers and increase revenue. While the pandemic may have slowed business at first, you can now take advantage of its cause for an influx in road trips.

What Kind of Paint Booth Should My Shop Install?

Installing finishing equipment in your shop is an investment in its future. Take a look at truck paint booths to get an idea of what will benefit your facility the most. Explore crossflow, semi downdraft, side draft, and downdraft options. To give your shop an additional boost, consider Accudraft’s TX Series paint booth. It’s armed with a large cabin size and shadowless lighting, making it perfect for RV repairs.

Accudraft has been manufacturing finishing equipment for 43 years. Our decades of experiences allow us to produce the most reliable, durable, and efficient paint booths in the industry. Talk to our experts today on how we can help your RV repair shop prosper during this time.