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What You’ll Need for an Enhanced Aerospace Coating Process

The aerospace industry faces additional challenges when it comes to acing paint jobs. Temperature, humidity, and exposure to compounds in aerospace coatings must be tightly controlled. The reason many technicians cannot achieve peak performance is due to an insufficient paint booth. For example, the shape and size of the cabin can significantly affect the outcome of the coating process.

Keep reading to learn more about what you’ll need for an enhanced aerospace coating process.

Custom Paint Booth Design for Every Aircraft Type

Energy-Saving Machines

Aircraft are unlike any other transportation mode, as their unusual shape will undoubtedly require a unique paint booth. The interior of an aerospace paint booth should conform to the shape and size of the aircraft being painted inside. This accommodation allows the overall needed airflow and size of the air handlers to be reduced. These reductions make the equipment more energy-efficient and affordable. Introducing cost-saving products to operations has been a significant demand in the industry. This appeal is in an effort to minimize air drag, reduce debris build-up, reduce airplane fuels, and safeguard environmental and economic factors.

More Flexibility and Control

Designing and installing a custom paint booth specifically for the aircraft you service will give you more control over your operations. For example, your workspace will be more efficient as hoses, reels, electric, air, and water can be installed closer to where they will be needed. Curtains can be used as dividers to isolate the spray area or make several areas for prepping parts, substrates, or spraying aircraft coatings. These custom designs can also be configured to fit inside an already existing hanger, providing a space for finishing and leave room for other operations.

Reduce Curing Process Time

There has been a recent effort in the aerospace industry to push for faster curing times. This demand is so aircraft become fully operational sooner after undergoing a coating. While curing, setting, and drying can take an exceptionally long time—especially when covering large areas—there are ways to speed up this process. For example, Accudraft has created the paint booth upgrade Xcelerator, a high-velocity air jet nozzle system designed to flash off waterborne coatings in half the time.

Perfect Your Temperature Control

The aerospace coating manufacturer typically provides exact standards. These protocols are to ensure proper performance of the coating. Heating, cooling, humidification, and dehumidification must all be closely monitored and tightly controlled. Wrong configurations can compromise the coating’s integrity, including resistance against harsh temperatures, extreme weather, aggressive chemicals, corrosion exposure, and cleaning materials.

Talk to the Experts at Accudraft

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