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The Best Paint Booth Accessories

The Best Paint Booth Accessories

The Best Paint Booth Accessories Leading Paint Booth Company | Paint Booths For Sale

Most paint booth operators in the U.S. know that Accudraft Paint Booths are among the best on the market. Operating one of our paint booths alone can handle a bigger load than most other paint booths. What if you added some of our best paint booth accessories? Imagine the type of power you could put behind your paint jobs with that! But before we get to the accessories, take a look at the best paint booths on the market.


The Best Paint Booths on the Market

Before you get to the best paint booth accessories, it will work way better if you start with a top of the line Accudraft Paint Booth. We have four different styles available:

Downdraft Paint Booths

If you have a high volume shop, you can’t beat an Accudraft paint booth. Our downdraft paint booths come in four different styles. With downdraft paint booths you get less overspray and cleaner debris-free finishes.

You will need to install concrete pits or drive up ramps for our downdraft booths to function properly. Here is a breakdown of each style of downdraft booth we offer:

  • Our Italia is our most popular downdraft booth. It is made for high volume shops that have a need for speed.
  • The Titan is our most souped up downdraft booth. Made with energy efficiencies built in, the Titan is super fast and offers the ultimate solution for maximum productivity.
  • Our XL downdraft paint booth is built to push more cars through. If you have a busy collision repair center that needs to get the cars in and out, the XL comes complete with our proprietary KD makeup air system for fastest curing times.
  • The New VentusPro is perfect for new start-up shops. You get all of the basics to start your shop off on the right foot. Later when you start growing your business, you can easily add on more advanced features to your VentusPro Paint Booth.

Crossdraft Paint Booths

Perhaps our most affordable paint booths come in the crossdraft option. Crossdraft booths are the paint booths of choice for trucking companies and car manufacturers. They cost less than any other paint booth and do not require concrete pits or lifts. Of all of the crossdraft paint booths on the market, Accudraft’s are the best.

Semi Downdraft Paint Booths

Using diagonal draft patterns, semi downdraft paint booths direct debris and contaminants away from the paint finish. There is limited concrete work required to install a semi downdraft paint booth. Although, because it is more of a starter paint booth, there is more overspray from semi downdraft booths than downdraft booths. Our MX series is highly upgradable and is cost effective for small shops.

Sidedraft Paint Booths

Of all of our paint booths, our sidedraft models are the most affordable. It does an excellent job of expelling debris and contaminants creating much better air quality inside of the booth.

Industrial Sized Paint Booths

In addition to automotive paint booths, we also manufacture industrialized paint booths big enough to house large trucks, construction equipment, airplanes, buses, train cars, and more. Our top selling industrial sized paint booth is our TX. It uses downdraft technology to create a clean environment inside the booth and to eliminate overspray.

The TX comes in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. If we don’t have a standards style that works for your business, we will custom make a unique industrialized paint booth specific for you.

Special Paint Booth Options

We also sell the SS paint booth which is smaller than a typical paint booth. It is ideal for painting furniture, small equipment, and vehicles where space is limited. The SS can also be upgraded with some of our advanced accessories and features. If the SS is a little too big for what you need, we also sell a small parts paint stations for professional spray paint operations.

Here are the Top 7 Paint Booth Accessories

Once you’ve selected your paint booth, take a look at our top 7 paint booth accessories. You may want to add some of these accessories down the road to your startup booths.

#1: The SmartPad Controls

Many of our paint booths come already fitted with SmartPad Controls. These features help you save energy and makes operating your paint booth much easier and more efficient.

#2: EnergySmart Energy Savings

From our Air Makeup Units to our drying systems, all of our products are built for maximum energy savings. Look for our EnergySmart products to increase productivity while cutting costs.

#3: Waterborne Paint Drying Systems

Not all paint booths come equipped for waterborne paint. Traditional solvent-based paints are highly toxic and new regulations nationally and from state to state require paint booth operators to switch to water-based paints.

Luckily, we sell our exclusive Accudraft Xcelerator high speed paint drying system as an accessory. If you are operating a paint booth that is not equipped for water-based paint, our Titan downdraft paint booth is engineered to alternate between solvent-based paint and waterborne paint.

Our Xcelerator system uses dozens of targeted jet drying modules to produce a more even finish. Plus water-based paint is better for the environment. The Xcelerator system cuts flash times and drying times nearly in half and the separate high speed motors save energy by easing the load on your main electrical features.

#4: Air Makeup Units

One of the most important factors in building a successful body shop is moving vehicles through faster. You do that by increasing your paint booth’s heating capacity within the paint booth. Our Air Makeup Units are designed to do just that.

Some of our paint booths come equipped with our proprietary makeup air units but it is also sold as a standalone unit. This is the perfect accessory for shops that need to speed up each job. The KD Air Makeup Units boast these additional features:

  • 50/50 Fresh Air Recirculation
  • 1.2 – 2.5 Million BTUs per hour (Direct Fire)
  • 10,000 and 14,000 CFM Units
  • EnergySmart VFD Package
  • Pushbutton Controls
  • SmartPad Touch
  • And Uses Both Fired Oil or Gas/Propane Heat

You can add one of our Air Makeup Units to any style of downdraft Accudraft Paint Booth. Choose from red, white, or blue to match your Air Makeup Unit with your paint booth or body shop colors.

#5: Prep Stations

Prep stations are more than accessories. They make your shop safer and help to speed along your process which improves productivity. We have three different styles of prep stations; the Magnum, the Prep3000, and the Prep4000. You can buy a prep station in conjunction with both pitted and pitless downdraft paint booths.

Vinyl curtains allow you to create several prep stations within your shop. It has fully automatic controls as well as other great add-on features like:

  • Drive-thru Configuration Options
  • Direct Fire Heat with iPad Digital Touch Controls
  • And Our AccuHZ Energy Saving VFD System

#6: Mix Rooms

Some shops are required to maintain separate mixing rooms according to regulations. Whether you are required to use mixing rooms or not, it is a great accessory for any paint booth operation. It one helps to remove contaminants, two dispels noxious fumes from the area, and keeps flammable and combustible materials safely stored in one place.

Our mixing rooms can be customized to fit your garage. They are built with sturdy dual skin insulated steel walls and can be colored to match your paint booth. Plus you can add more service doors in addition to the access door.

#7: EnergySmart Variable Frequency Drives

Finally, like many of our paint booth accessories, our EnergySmart VFD technology is designed to save you money on energy costs. It can be added to both your paint booth, standalone Air Makeup Unit, and your prep stations for maximum energy savings.

What this technology does is eliminate the power spikes that come when you start up your paint booth motor. Instead the VFD starts up smoothly using three times less energy than paint booths without a VFD.

Contact Accudraft for Paint Booth Accessories

Accudraft has all of the equipment and accessories you need to run a world class body shop. If you are interested in more energy savings, higher productivity, and faster drying times, you can get it all in one place.

There is an Accudraft distributor working near you and is willing to help you put together the right mix of accessories for your paint booth operation. Contact us at Accudraft today for more information.

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