Making the transition from solvent to waterborne drying systems and paint booths doesn’t have to be complex and costly. Many facilities are making the switch from solvent paints to waterborne paints. Some are doing this because of regulations in their area requiring low VOC base paints. Other facility operators are making the switch because of the many advantages of waterborne paints such as greater coverage in fewer coats, the ease with which paints can be matched to OEM work and reduced mil thickness.

Despite the advantages of switching to waterborne paints, many facilities have been reluctant to make the change. Part of this comes from fears about costs. They think that adopting a waterborne paint drying system  will be cost prohibitive and make it impossible to use their existing stock of solvent paints.

The good news is that there are solutions available that let you start using waterborne paints while also using solvent-based paints. For example, the TITAN Downdraft Booth from Accudraft employs dual technology that allows you to use either solvent-based or waterborne paints. You can make the switch instantly, meaning that you can go from solvents to waterborne paints and back again in a flash. You’ll still need to make sure that places like your paint mixing room are in top condition, but the interoperability between solvents and waterborne paints is a huge advantage for customers of Accudraft.

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