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Case Study Review: Advancing Operations with Accudraft Paint Booths

Case Study Review: Advancing Operations with Accudraft Paint Booths

Case Study Review: Advancing Operations with Accudraft Paint Booths Leading Paint Booth Company | Paint Booths For Sale

Over the last few decades being in business, we have seen small body shops turn into regional giants. One thing that those shops all have in common is that they use Accudraft Paint Booths to equip their operations. As with the four businesses below, our paint booths and accessories are proven to boost your business to the next level.

Wayne's Body Shop at Leesburg Volkswagon in Florida

Top Full-Service Repair Facility Needed an Upgrade

In Leesburg, FL you will find a full service body shop housed inside of a Volkswagen dealership. While Leesburg Volkswagen sells cars, Wayne’s Body Shop services those vehicles when they get banged up in an accident. Insurance companies send their policyholders’ cars to Wayne’s Auto Body for collision repair but the shop does it all, including:

  • Car Detailing
  • Window Tinting
  • Airbrushing
  • And Full-Service Repair

When the shop came to us for help upgrading their equipment, we did more than recommend our paint booths. Our paint booths have helped to take their service and their reputation to the next level.

Two Accudraft Paint Booths and a Mixing Room Nearly Doubled Productivity

What Wayne’s Auto Body’s owner wanted was new paint booth equipment that would increase the shop’s productivity, provide a safer and cleaner work environment, and make the shop more energy efficient. On top of that, he wanted equipment that would make expanding the business in the future easier.

For Wayne’s Auto Body, our team recommended adding a mixing room and two new Accudraft XL downdraft dual skin paint booths due to its ability to handle the load for high volume collision repair centers. By optimizing curing times and heat controls, the shops productivity has almost doubled since adding those new paint booths.

Accudraft Case Study of Bay Path Vocational School

Regional Tech School Needed Better Equipment for Students

The best tech schools in the country teaching auto repair rely on Accudraft Paint Booths to give their students a top tier education in collision repair and refinishing. That’s the main reason why Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School in Massachusetts came to us for help.

Many schools continue using outdated equipment because school boards are loathe to invest thousands of dollars in new equipment. However, for the quality of design and the experience using top line equipment, our Accudraft Paint Booths are more affordable than many school boards realize.

Two Accudraft Titans and a Mix Room Added Under Budget

Bay Path Regional turned to us for help increasing their equipments’ capabilities while working within their budgetary constraints. Ultimately what our team recommended was adding two new outdoor Accudraft Titan paint booths and a mixing room.

To give their students the best education in collision repair and refinishing possible, the Titan is designed with the future in mind. It is fully equipped for waterborne paint systems, which will be required for all future paint operations. Productivity has gone all the way up and best of all, it was all done under budget.

Paintworx Accudraft Case Study

Full-Service Repair Facility Sought Increased Productivity

An auto body shop that guarantees their work for a lifetime is bound to get a lot of business. Paintworx Collision Center in Albany, NY gets a lot of its business from car insurers hoping to settle claims faster by getting repairs done quickly and more efficiently.

Naturally they turned to our team at Accudraft Paint Booths for help boosting their business productivity. As Paintworx owner put it, “Accudraft booths are used by Lamborghini and Ferrari – and you can’t get much better than that.” They knew going in that they wanted at least one new paint booth as well as a mixing room that:

  • Required Minimal Concrete Work
  • Allowed for Future Expansion and Upgrades
  • Help Increase Production Capabilities
  • And Provided Superior Results for Customers

Paintworx was betting that by using the best equipment, they would get even better results. Their bet has paid off enormously.

Two MX300s Increased Productivity and Allow for Future Upgrades

One thing that too many shops never think about when buying a new paint booth is how well it upgrades. When new technology gives your competitors an advantage over your business, will you have to invest in all new equipment or will you be able to easily upgrade your paint booth without a huge new investment?

That was the question on the top of the minds of Paintworx. We recommended adding two new MX300 Semi Downdraft paint booths to their operations. What impressed the team at Paintworx the most about this paint booth is that when their budget can handle it and business necessitates it, they can upgrade with a new jet drying system or new energy efficient accessories. Not only is the shop now prepared for the future but productivity increased almost immediately.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

What would you like to do for your body shop to make your business better? If you want to take your business to the next level like these collision repair centers, all you have to do is fill out our online contact form to talk to a qualified Accudraft representative.

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