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Some of the best paint shops in the country are the ones tucked into other businesses, like car dealerships, that get pigeon-holed as just repair shops. Such is the case with Wayne’s Auto Body in Leesburg, FL; a full service shop that took their service and their reputation to a whole new level.

Accudraft Case Study: Wayne's Body ShopHow a Repair Facility Became a Premier Auto Paint Shop

Leesburg Volkswagen, a member of the Don Jenkins Auto Group, is the #1 Volkswagen volume dealer in Central Florida. Somewhat rare in the automotive world, Leesburg Volkswagen believes in being the “non-dealership, dealership” —where a vehicle purchase or repair is not a transaction, but a long-term relationship. With the majority of their staff having been with the Jenkins Auto Group for 5+ years, the focus is always on providing the highest level of customer service and care.

The Challenges

Leesburg Volkswagen is also home to Wayne’s Body Shop, a full-service repair facility that specializes in collision repair, airbrushing, car detailing, and window tinting. Servicing all makes and models of vehicles, they are a direct repair facility for many insurance companies.

When it came time to update their equipment and facility, Wayne’s Body Shop and body shop Director of Operations, Mike French, turned to Accudraft to find a new system that would:

  • Allow for increased production
  • Provide a cleaner and safer working environment
  • Increase the energy efficiency of the shop
  • Allow for easy expansion in the future

“We understand that our clients’ vehicles are not just their mode of transportation, but also one of their biggest investments,” said Mike French, Director of Operations. “When it came time to further invest in our equipment and facility, we turned to Accudraft to ensure we sourced only the highest-quality products so we could continue to exceed our clients’ expectations.”

How Accudraft Helped

Upon meeting with Mike and the Wayne’s Body Shop team, Accudraft team members were able to suggest paint booth and mix room equipment that would meet their needs.

Two of the Accudraft XLTM, a downdraft dual skin unit designed for high-flow collision repair centers, were selected. They come standard with a 1.2 Million Btu/hr, 14,000 CFM makeup air system, and heating capabilities include Intelcure™ rapid metal temperature technology.

The Intelcure™ heating system will save Mike and his team valuable time by breaking the bake cycle into two stages. First, the “pre-bake” cycle runs at a very high temperature to quickly get the vehicle’s temperature into the optimal curing range. The system then shifts to the final stage where the temperature drops to a desired curing temperature usually between 140°F and 160°F.

The biggest advantage that Mike and his team will realize from a downdraft paint booth is the cleanliness. Air is drawn around the vehicle and exhausted from underneath. These types of booths pull paint overspray and contaminants downward and away from the vehicle.

The risk of dust and overspray contamination is greatly reduced and the painter is also in a much safer environment, since the overspray is pulled immediately downward and away from the painter. Finishes are generally cleaner and translate into money saved by reducing buffing and corrections.

An Accudraft MixTM paint mixing room was also added to provide a clean workspace. Paint mixing rooms allow for the painter to stay in a clean environment while going back and forth between paint booths and loading up paint or juggling two jobs at once.

The Results

Wayne’s Body Shop has seen increased productivity thanks to their new paint booths and mix room, and team members have enjoyed a state-of-the-art facility that allows them to fully utilize their talents —this translates to unparalleled service and results for their customers.

“I just wanted to thank you and your crew for doing an outstanding job installing one of the best looking paint booths around. The quality of Accudraft is even better than I thought it would be. Our production has almost doubled with these new booths. The room, lighting, airflow, control panels etc. —everything works great!

Thanks again we appreciate everything!”


Leesburg Volkswagen/Wayne’s Body Shop
31850 Executive Boulevard
Leesburg, FL 34748
(352) 728-5747
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