Accudraft Paint Mixing Room


Accudraft Mix™ paint mixing rooms are clean work rooms that can be free standing or integrated into any installation. Paint mixing rooms allow for the painter to stay in a clean environment while going back and forth between paint booths and loading up paint or juggling two jobs at once. Sizes and shapes vary from square rooms, long hallways or 45° corners. When you need to provide a clean paint mixing environment, there is no reason to waste any space in your floorplan. Just talk to an Accudraft representative. A well-placed Accudraft Mix™ paint mixing room will make the best of your square footage while meeting code & keeping things clean.



  • Dual Skin Insulated Mixing Room
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Access Door
  • Positive Pressure Downdraft System


  • Additional Sizes and Configurations
  • Exterior Color to Match Booth
  • Additional Service Doors
  • Observation Windows

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