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Case Study: Classic Auto Body

Renowned Restoration and Repair

Danny May is the owner of Classic Auto Body in West Harrison, IN. This repair shop has been in operation in 2002 and services residents from Harrison and the surrounding areas. May and his team of technicians have more than 40 years of experience working in automobile restoration and collision repair. Whether restoring a classic car to its former glory or repairing collision damage on a modern automobile, Danny and his team are committed to providing top-notch service for everyone who walks through their doors.

Classic Auto Body has established themselves as the one-stop place in Harrison for most automotive needs. Their services include the following:

  • Heavy collision repair
  • Minor repairs, including fender benders and dents and scratch removals
  • Automobile restoration


Along with providing unparalleled service, Classic Auto Body stands out from other body shops for a unique reason: they build hot rods. Classic Auto Body’s largest and most popular project was creating the Gotham Cruiser, a Batmobile replica, from the ground up. This expertise, along with the attention to detail that May and his team of professionals give to repairing automobiles and restoring classic cars like Chevelles, Corvettes, and Mustangs, has earned the company numerous awards.

The Challenges

As Classic Auto Body became more successful, their workload began to dramatically increase. When they opened an additional facility in West Harrison in fall of 2013, Classic Auto Body needed a workshop that was able to provide top-notch restoration and bodywork for their numerous clients. To overcome this challenge, Danny May needed equipment that was precise enough to restore classic automobiles but functional enough to handle the day-to-day workload at a collision center.

Danny May contacted Accudraft for advice how to get the most out of his work performance. After listening to Danny’s situation, Accudraft worked to find an optimal system for Classic Auto Body and their customers.

“I’ve been in the business of collision repair and automobile restoration for some time, so I already heard about Accudraft and knew of their reputation. I decided to reach out to them and see how they could help me better handle my workload,” said Danny May. “What I liked most about Accudraft is how they were friendly and eager to learn every detail about my business. You could really tell that they put a lot of effort in coming up with a plan to improve my performance.”

Case Study: Classic Auto Body

How Accudraft Helped

The Classic Auto Body team needed equipment that allowed them to meet the time demands that come with collision repair while also being able to pay attention to the close details necessary for classic car restoration. To meet all of these requirements while boosting production, Accudraft recommended the Italia Downdraft Spray Booth and an on-site mixing room fitted with a color-matching booth.

Accudraft chose the Italia paint booth for the Classic Auto Body workshops because of its downdraft technology. It ensures that every paint job receives a high-quality finish. Not only does this technology create a cleaner workspace, it also reduces the chances of catching overspray and debris in the paint. This allows Classic Auto Body to work quicker, more efficiently, and create a better-finished product.

Adding a mixing room to the body shop ensured that Danny and his team worked in a clean and safe work area at all times. It protects them from exposure to dangerous chemicals, as well as helps employees mix and match paints in an optimal environment. Mixing rooms are especially important in busy environments where employees multitask frequently.

Case Study: Classic Auto Body

Highlights of the Italia Downdraft Paint Booth:

  • Quicker and more efficient drying cycles with the Timeless™ Direct Drive.
  • The choice between pitted and pit-less downdraft systems makes it a feasible choice for all body shops.
  • Waterborne paint cycles can be fitted with the optional Xcelerator™ drying system.

Highlights of the Paint Mixing Room:

  • Fully customizable booths accommodates workshops of all sizes.
  • Additional service doors and observational windows can be added if needed.
  • The mixing room’s dual skin allows for better insulation and improved protection against contaminants.

The Results

Accudraft’s upgrades helped the Classic Auto Body team meet all of their customers’ needs. Their quick turnaround time meant they could repair wrecked vehicles in a timely manner. Additionally, the Italia’s downdraft technology ensured a quality, detailed finish for every restored collector’s car.

“We were really thrilled with how Accudraft answered our call. We’ve been able to increase our productivity while consistently providing excellent service,” said Danny May.

Case Study: Classic Auto Body

Classic Auto Body Collision Repair
211 N. State Street
West Harrison, IN 47060
(812) 637-0412

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