Practice Industrial Conveyor Maintenance to Avoid Costly Repairs

Large-scale industrial operations often use a conveyor system to establish a product assembly line for painting parts. An efficient operation will be built around a crane and conveyor paint booth, ideal for improved safety and productivity within the facility. However, it’s crucial to maintain the system for continued high performance.

To avoid costly repairs, follow these best industrial conveyor maintenance practices.

Keep the System Clean

With a conveyor booth system, operators must worry about what’s happening outside and inside the booth. Dirt and debris can build up from the manufacturing process when the conveyor runs outside of the booth. Inside, overspray and other contaminants will cover the crane and conveyor, resulting in the need for frequent cleaning.

The lubricants used for cleaning these moving parts must be silicone-free, otherwise there is a risk of paint defects when spraying products.

Hooks and Fixtures

Specifically within an industrial conveyor system, the hooks and fixtures of the crane must be cleaned often. Paint will build up on the hooks because of overspray, affecting its ability to hold products effectively. A batch burn off oven or a sandblaster will be needed to remove the excess paint. It’s essential to develop a maintenance plan that cleans the hooks and fixtures monthly or quarterly.

Ensure Spare Parts are Available

It’s important to ensure spare parts and wearable items are available at your facility for operators to use. In the case something does break, your on-site team may be able to replace the part, minimizing operational downtime. However, a larger problem should be fixed by a professional service team. To stay on top of potential issues and repairs, inspect the conveyor system weekly.

Schedule Regular Professional Maintenance

The best way to avoid costly repairs is to schedule professional maintenance. This service should be done regularly to ensure all working parts are in order. Part of this service is preventative maintenance, meaning identifying possible problems that could hinder operations in the future.

To inquire about industrial maintenance, contact Accudraft. We will discuss custom services and service frequency for your facility operation needs.