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Accudraft Paint Booth Reviews You Need to Read Before Buying

Thinking of buying an Accudraft paint booth? Read our reviews first! Our customers are genuinely happy with our sales process, installation team, maintenance plans, and, of course, paint booths! With a company founded on manufacturing high-quality equipment and a dedication to providing ongoing support, it’s no wonder shops across the United States love our booths as much as we do.

Read these honest paint booth reviews on Accudraft products before deciding on your big purchase.

#1: Energy and Time Savings

“I sprayed out of two CMC paint booths for 23 years. They definitely served their purpose. A little over a year ago we had to replace them. We looked deeply with every company and decided to go with Accudraft. So far, we have been very happy with our decision! We have definitely seen energy savings and time savings. Also, the Accudraft team have been great to work with. There is no doubt in my mind that these paint booths will last 23 years or more!”

Cory McGhee, March 2022
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We couldn’t agree more with Cory. Paint booths are an investment and should last for decades! While our equipment is designed for longevity, we keep our new booths up to date with the newest technology to make paint jobs even easier. In fact, many of our older booths can be retrofitted with new accessories to keep it high performing!

#2: Automated Production Line

“My company, Aerobotix, installed two Accudraft booths for our automated production line—painting and curing. We have been pleased with the results so far. Our customers are always fascinated when they visit and tour our facility. ABX is a proud user of Accudraft Booths.”

Noel Geiger, May 2022
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Aerobotix was an extremely rewarding project to work on. We installed a Space Saver and customized TX spray booth designed to spray and cure objects. This system is capable of housing their machinery, applying specialty coatings, and handling more of their bigger projects. To learn more about this project, read our case study here.

#3: Impressive Ease of Use

“I got to spray in one of these at the Sherwin Williams training center in Arlington, Texas. It made wish I had invested my money with them… I’m a painter with 25+ years under my belt and I’ve tried many different styles and brands along the way. I was thoroughly impressed by the performance and ease of use of their equipment. I definitely recommend them.”

Marcelo Cerda, January 2022

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We design our paint booths to increase overall shop efficiency, but also to make the individual painter’s life easier too. After all, if a painter can complete a job with ease, their shop can experience an increase in production and quality of work. To learn more about this install, read our case study here.

Install Your Next Paint Booth with Accudraft

Before buying a paint booth, remember the investment and commitment you are making. Some only think of how the booth is construction and will perform. But ask yourself these crucial questions: Does the manufacturer offer turn-key installation services? Are they easily accessible for immediate support? Are they innovators within the industry? Can I easily find free resources for their products? The answers are yes if you’re asking Accudraft!

When you’re ready to install your next paint booth, contact Accudraft.