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When and How to Use Paint Booth Coatings

Paint booth coatings—what are they, and when should a shop use them? While not a new practice, coating is becoming way more popular within the finishing industry. So, what is a paint booth coating? It is an application that is specifically designed to be applied to the inside cabin walls of a booth. Simply put, it will help keep the booth clean for longer.

Why Apply a Paint Booth Coating

Why should a shop go through the trouble of applying a paint booth coating? For starters, it makes cleaning cabin walls a whole lot easier. Instead of spending hours deep cleaning a booth, simply remove the coating from the walls, and it will look brand new again.

How Do Paint Booth Coatings Work?

If properly applied, a paint booth coating will capture all airborne particles. Think of all the dirt, dust, and overspray that fly around during a paint job. Instead of lingering in the air, they will stick to the wall coating. This makes trapping and removing overspray from hard-to-reach areas incredibly easy.

Types of Paint Booth Coatings

While there are many different manufactures of coatings, shops typically have a choice between: peelable and washable. No matter which your shop chooses, it’s crucial to abide by the specific coating application guidelines; no two are applied the same! Read the product’s technical data sheet (TDS) carefully before applying. Not only will the TDS inform you of how to apply the coating properly, but it will provide information on how and when to remove it.

Peelable Coatings

A peelable coating is exactly like its name suggests; the coating can be peeled off after collecting overspray and airborne particles. This type of coating needs a thick application, otherwise, it can be very difficult to remove. Clear peelable coatings are recommended for brand new booths, while white coatings may be better for an older booth that needs a refreshed look. While its application can be time consuming, many shops prefer the peelable method for less of a mess. This type of coating also only needs to be applied twice a year, or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Washable Coatings

A washable coating will get the same job done as a peelable coating—capture overspray and airborne particles. What makes it different is its application and removal process. Washable coatings have an easy spray-on application that can be completed within an hour. However, it will need to be power washed off, which is an easy task but comes with a bit of cleanup. These coatings also typically require reapplication every quarter, or as its manufacturer recommends.

Getting Help Applying Paint Booth Coatings

If you need help deciding which paint booth coating is better for your shop, reach out to Accudraft. We offer coating applications and removals within our maintenance plans. Depending on your shop’s vehicle mix, productivity, and schedule, we can create a custom maintenance plan based upon your specific equipment’s needs. Contact us today!