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4 Reasons Why Live Data is Taking Over the Finishing Industry

Connected devices and smart technology are nothing new. Think of all the apps on your phone that can monitor, track, and control physical objects. From watches and lightbulbs to doorbells and heating systems, why not add paint booths to that list? Accudraft Live is a mobile-friendly, cloud-based solution for monitoring a paint booth’s performance, costs, and technical metrics. If that isn’t intriguing enough, here are four reasons why live data will take over the finishing industry in 2023.

#1: Better Monitor Booth Status

If your shop constantly suffers from bottleneck issues, but you’re unsure why, Accudraft Live may help. Our software can track how long a vehicle has been in one phase or another, which will identify where the holdup is. Perhaps cars are not being prepped quickly enough or they have nowhere to go after being painted.

#2: Actually Know How Much Utilities Cost Per Job

Managing costs is crucial in any shop. However, when a high utility bill comes, it can be nearly impossible to know what’s causing it. With Accudraft Live, costs are measured per paint booth. This is a game-changer for shops. Now, managers can know which paint booths are driving up expenses and look to make necessary, cost-saving upgrades.

#3: Faster Resolve Booth Issues

Being able to identify where and what is causing issues in a paint booth can help to faster resolve issues. Service technicians can spend less time on figuring out what the problem is and more time actually fixing the problem. Accudraft Live also allows shops to contact a service team directly through their app with a quick submission or phone call. Live also has the capabilities for a service technician to access the paint booth and its data, potentially resolving issues from miles away.

#4: Make Smarter Business Decisions

Business decisions are always easier to make when there is data to back those decisions. Now, with Accudraft Live, shop managers can track hours logged by individual booths, phases, and employees. They can also easily compare booth and employee performance across multiple shops.

How to Get Started with Accudraft Live

The Live software can be added to any existing Accudraft paint booth. Sensors are installed on the system that feed data to the software, creating an easy-to-follow dashboard with cost breakdown metrics. Reach out to a team member online for more information!