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Catch Up on The Best Paint Booth Articles of Last Year

Every year, there are tons of new ideas and information being shared within the finishing industry. From trending topics to best practices to emerging technologies, it can be hard to keep up. As an industry leader, Accudraft is always publishing paint booth articles for shop owners and technicians. If you missed out on any hot topics of the last year, here are our top five articles to catch up on.

#5: “How Does Humidity Affect Paint?” and Other Common Spray Booth Questions

Coming in at number five is: “How Does Humidity Affect Paint?” and Other Common Spray Booth Questions. Temperature and humidity control are always hot topics. These levels play a crucial role in the painting process. It’s necessary for a paint booth to be able to control both elements to achieve a flawless finish.

Read this article to understand the impact humidity has on paint and other common questions.

#4: Complying with EPA Regulations for Paint Booths

At number four is: Complying with EPA Regulations for Paint Booths. Although a technical topic, EPA compliance is an increasingly trending topic, especially with continuous pushes to make businesses more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Spray applied coating operations need to comply with regulations enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These guidelines are meant to reduce air emissions from spray finishing and refinishing facilities.

Read this article to know which EPA regulations for paint booths must be followed.

#3: Fire Suppression Compliance: Paint Booth 101

Making it into the top three is: Fire Suppression Compliance: Paint Booth 101. Fire suppression is often an afterthought but is essential to all types of paint booth systems. Without it, your facility risks violating NFPA codes and possibly your insurance policy requirements. If you are installing a new paint booth or are looking to add fire suppression to your existing setup, it’s crucial to follow all rules and regulations.

Read this article to learn about fire suppression and code compliance.

#2: How to Adjust Paint Booth Pressure Settings

Now for the number two topic of the year: How to Adjust Paint Booth Pressure Settings. Pressure settings control the airflow coming in and out of the booth. More importantly, it can affect the direction of the airflow within a booth. The wrong direction can increase overspray, contamination, and airborne particles.

Read this article to learn how to adjust pressure settings in your paint booth.

#1: 5 Tips for When Your Car Paint Won’t Dry

Finally, the number one trending topic of 2022: 5 Tips for When Your Car Paint Won’t Dry. Every technician has experienced a sticky or tacky finish in their career. This typically happens when the paint hasn’t dried properly—not to mention the number of other defects that are likely to occur.

Read this article for five tips and fixes for when your car paint won’t dry.

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