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Case Study: Collision Pro

Client Background

Express Collision Center opened its doors in 2019. Starting as a brand-new shop with a new building, they are an independent shop with 7 technicians between paint and body shops.

The Client Challenge

As a new shop starting up, they wanted a setup that could handle what they needed without having a bunch of add-ons. Starting out spraying Akzo solvent, they were looking for a setup that would help them be prepared for a potential water swap in the future. “I would rather be prepared now for the potential swap to waterborne rather than be stuck at the time of doing a swap with the added cost of booth add-ons,” says GM Cody Allen.

How Accudraft Helped

Express Collision went with the ITALIA booth and Accumix Mixing room. The Italia is Accudraft’s flagship booth that was designed for high production. With a long-standing reputation in shops for reliability and results, it was the perfect fit for their needs. See more at bottom.

The Results

Express Collision’s GM Cody Allen says: “We love it. The booth moves a ton of air which is great for helping shorten flash times, and in turn, speeding up the process. The ease of maintenance and no belts to tighten are great. Also, and one of the biggest common maintenance perks are just how simple the filter changes are. Not just floors, all of them. The ceiling filters can be changed in minutes because of the hinge and lock design. The control panel is simple, and you don’t have 50 different knobs like others have controlling the booth. There’s no engineering degree needed to operate it.”


Cody Allen GM for the shop

Phone: 573-614-7487

Email: [email protected]

Social: https://www.facebook.com/expresscollisioncenterdexter/


For more information on the ITALIA, click here: https://www.accudraftpaintbooths.com/product/italia-downdraft-paint-booth/