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Can I Finance a Paint Booth? And Other Cost Questions

The short answer to “can I finance a paint booth” is YES! Many manufacturers, including Accudraft, offer financing and other deals to help manage payments. However, the answer to “how much does a paint booth cost” will always be IT DEPENDS.

We receive dozens of cost-related questions a day, and they’re always among the trickiest to answer. Purchasing a paint booth isn’t always as simple as picking one out. Most of the time, the actual purchase of a booth is a small part of a larger project. Here is our complete breakdown of what affects the cost of a paint booth.

What Affects the Cost of a Paint Booth?

Accudraft offers many different paint booth options, from a low-cost economy line to an elevated high-performance line. All base models are available to purchase as-is, meaning they ship to you right from our production floor with all standard configurations. However, many shops require customizations to fit the needs of their shop, whether that be adjusting the height, width, doors, or lighting of the booth. Some also choose to add upgrades and accessories right away, such as the FOCUS control panel, an IRT heating system, adjustable man-lifts, or the Accudraft Live software. All the above will determine the price of the paint booth itself.

How Much Does Installing a Paint Booth Cost?

Installation is always needed—even if there is already an existing booth in the shop, and even if you choose to put up the booth yourself. At the very least, every paint booth installation requires permitting and safety inspections. Both have associated fees, which change dependent on the municipality of the installation. Beyond the basics, the below must be considered while installing a paint booth:

  • Electrical and Power Supply: This work tends to be one of the most expensive jobs within an install project. Even in shops that have an existing booth, an electrician must determine if the existing power supply can support both the existing and new booth. Otherwise, an entirely new configuration is required.
  • Duct and Roof Work: Adding air ducts and exhausts affect the structure of the building itself, which is why a contractor and roofer are typically needed. Again, even with an existing booth, new holes need to be cut. Most roofers will try to put them as close to the existing ones, but cutting and patchwork will still be needed.
  • Concrete Work: Concrete is also typically very expensive and is almost always needed in an install. If a booth requires a pit, then that will have to be dug out and created by a laborer. Even if a booth is raised, the ground below it needs to be level. Leveling can require concrete work to seal any dips in the ground.

Are Turnkey Paint Booth Installations Worth It?

Most shops want the entire package when purchasing a paint booth, including installation services. That way, they can focus on running their business and avoid the headache of coordinating with different vendors. As mentioned above, there are a lot of different types of work that are needed and can require managing six or more parties at any given time. And before they can start work, you would have to first source out different companies, get pricing, sign contracts, etc. All this hassle could be avoided by paying for a turnkey installation, which takes care of everything from start to finish.

With a turnkey paint booth installation, you would only have to coordinate with the manufacturer. They would handle all other communication and scheduling with their trusted vendors, and even your local authorities for permitting and inspections.

Can I Finance an Accudraft Paint Booth?

Accudraft always offers financing, plus no payment down and no payments for the first six months. Most companies only offer financing up to 60 months, but we have flexible payment plan options (dependent on business credit) up to 72 months. If shops choose to start paying right away, they can start as low as $99 for the first six months.

Contact an Accudraft salesperson today to discuss your shop’s needs and request pricing.