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Sherwin-Williams: Training Center & Shop Safety

Client Background

Located in Grand Prairie, TX, The Sherwin-Williams Training Center has been there to help painters in the region become more familiar with their products. For 15+ years, this facility has helped train and certify thousands of painters, educating them in proper techniques, and to become more efficient in the industry using Sherwin-Williams paints. According to the facility Training Manager, Gunnar Long, the goal is to make sure painters (new and experienced) gain skills to build on in the field. “We make sure they know basic shop and chemical safety, an understanding of the TDS’s and how to locate them, as well as first-hand knowledge and fundamentals of application processes.”

The Client Challenge

The facility needed a booth that would serve many purposes and hit 5 key points:

  1. It needed to be big enough so that it could accommodate the number of students that would be in it at one time.
  2. It needed to have large viewing areas to see inside from the training center.
  3. It needed to be ready for use with multiple types of paint
  4. It needed to be easy on maintenance and upkeep and it needed to be a booth
  5. It needed to be able to last.

How Accudraft Helped

Accudraft heard Sherwin’s request and delivered a custom built Titan booth to meet their needs in the Training Center. The viewing area was handled with 6 oversized windows on the side wall for easy viewing both in and out of the booth, along with the 4 large windows on the doors. Setup with an Xcelerator blower system and the ability to move 20,000 cfm, the booth was ready for any paint system that Sherwin-Williams was going to be training their students with on any given day.

The Results

The custom Titan booth has been operating in the Training Center for around 15 years now and every student that goes through its’ doors gets to see how it’s reliability over the years has been. Training Manager Gunnar Long says “the booth has never had a big issue, just typical wear and tear”. When asked about maintenance, he says “the only maintenance has been the typical routine maintenance such as filters, servicing, and cleaning. We’ve been really happy with how it has performed and continues to perform to this day”.

Gunnar Long, Regional Tech Training Manager
Sherwin-Williams Training Center, Grand Prairie, TX
(972) 606-9797
[email protected]